‘Westworld’: Do Robots Poop? Plus, Other Questions About The Hosts You Have Been Too Afraid To Ask

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Westworld has been a huge success for HBO. Introducing a park filled with robots that can cater to every human desire has raised some pretty interesting questions though. Take, for example, do the hosts in Westworld poop? It’s a question some have been too scared to ask, but have no fear, we have the answers for you!

Do The Robots In Westworld Poop?

HBO's 'Westworld,' Do hosts eat or poop?

While watching Westworld, from time to time, hosts actually do eat and drink along with the humans. After all we have seen Maeve (Thandie Newton) drinking shots while she is in the saloon. At other times, hosts have been seen dining with humans and there was even that host that was being trained to be a cannibal. So, where does the food go after the host has eaten it?

Potentially, the food just sits there inside the host until they are serviced between interactions. However, Ashley Feinberg from Deadspin decided to ask HBO if the hosts in Westworld pooped.

While HBO were intrigued by Feinberg’s question about the hosts in Westworld, they were not very forthcoming in their answer.

“Hi, sorry we don’t have any information to share here. Intriguing questions though!”

Which means we need to head to Reddit to find out if it is possible the hosts in Westworld poop. There are several theories that suggest the robots in Westworld poop. Some people on Reddit believe that in order for the hosts to appear completely lifelike, they would poop just like humans. In fact, for the price of entry fee, some viewers would be offended if they didn’t get the full human experience with the hosts.

Others question not whether they would defecate, but what the poop would look like. So, does the hosts poop look the same as ours or is it merely an expulsion of masticated food? It seems possible this could be what happens when hosts eat, especially if they are powered differently than humans and not requiring food for sustenance. However, if you are visiting Westworld for specific fetishes that require a robot to poop, then this option will not be satisfactory.

Alternatively, it does seem the hosts can urinate in Westworld. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) once noted in Season 1 that Lawrence hummed a tune while urinating. Which leads us to the next question begging to be asked about the hosts in Westworld.

How Kinky Is Too Kinky In Westworld?

HBO's 'Westworld,' Season 1, Episode 4

Obviously, if hosts urinate, it could be for some of the more perverse fetishes. The same goes for pooping. So, are there specific hosts out there that cater to these fetishes, or are all the hosts in Westworld capable of performing human bodily functions on demand? As well as urinating and defecating, do female hosts have periods? If so, is it a regular loop cycle or is it triggered on demand via the humans?

While there is no clue to indicate whether female hosts get their period or not, there are some disturbing clauses in the Delos website that indicate the humans behind the scenes at Westworld are just as creepy as the humans who like to participate in some of the more perverse parts of Westworld.

As Slate points out, regardless of whether the hosts do poop or not, if the humans poop while in Westworld, it becomes the exclusive property of Delos. And they can do whatever they want with it.

Section 7(b) is the clause in question.

“‘The terms state that once you enter Westworld, the company ‘controls the rights to and remains the sole owner of, in perpetuity: all skin cells, bodily fluids, secretions, excretions, hair samples, saliva, sweat, blood, and any other bodily functions not listed here.’ What’s more, it reserves the right to ‘use this property in any way, shape, or form in which the entity sees fit.'”

Slate also points out that other clauses within the Delos contract include sections on death from autoerotic asphyxiation and self-cannibalism. So, it looks like there is no such thing as too kinky within the parameters of a paying customer in Westworld.

How Real Is The Sex In Westworld?

It is known that humans have a lot of sex with the hosts in Westworld, but how real are the encounters? Do the male hosts ejaculate and can the female hosts get pregnant? On Reddit, HillaryIsAHost actually asked Aeden, the virtual assistant on the Discover Westworld website, if a host could get pregnant and got the following response.

“Our hosts are here entirely for your pleasure – clean or dirty — but you won’t have to worry about STDs, pregnancy or other typical consequences of your fling. What else would you like to know?”

While this answers the pregnancy question, it is still unclear if the male hosts ejaculate. Perhaps this falls into the same category as pooping, in that they will if required for the fantasy of the human?

HBO's 'Westworld,' Season 1, Episode 5

Can You Catch A Sexually Transmitted Disease Off A Host?

Finally, fans have been wanting to know about whether hosts can transmit sexually transmitted diseases during their encounters in Westworld. The response from Aeden seems to clear this question up. However, the logistics of this must be questioned.

It was revealed at one point in Season 1 of Westworld that Maeve had contracted an MRSA infection during one of her encounters. So, how are these detected and what does Westworld do about it?

When it was detected in Maeve, she was cleaned before being returned to the park. So, it is likely this is what also happens after every encounter, although some fans question whether the hosts are self-cleaning between sexual encounters or if they are pulled after every encounter and sterilized in order to keep potential disease transfer to a minimum in Westworld. As yet, there is no definite answer for this question.

What questions have you been too scared to ask about the hosts in Westworld? Let us know by commenting below.

HBO has renewed Westworld for Season 2 and will likely return in 2018.

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