‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury Shares Youthful Beauty Secrets

caroline stanbury beauty secrets

Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury always maintains a youthful appearance on camera, how does she do it? The reality star and her makeup artist are breaking down her age-defying beauty secrets.

Caroline Stanbury, easily one of the most notorious cast members on the Bravo reality series Ladies of London, may not be the youngest woman of the bunch, but she certainly doesn’t look it.

The 40-year-old Ladies of London star and her glam guru, Luke Henderson, sat down with E! News to share how Caroline gets her signature look.

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“I always say to him, ‘Make me dewy, fresh and young. And—don’t worry—it’s not girl band or Priscilla, Queen of the Desert-type makeup either.”

Caroline, mother-of-three, loves a full-coverage foundation.

“Even when she’s running and picking up the kids up, she doesn’t like a natural makeup [look]. I’m not going to lie to you and pretend she puts on just a tinted moisturizer and runs out the door.”

The reality star uses a flat brush with Tom Ford foundation to evenly fill her pores and fine lines.

For blush, Caroline opts for a pigment with a bit of a highlight.

“Use an angled blusher brush. It literally just sits in and goes right into the crease, so you get that more chiseled look on the cheek bones without needing to contour.”

caroline stanbury beauty secrets

As for concealer, Mrs. Stanbury prefers a moisturized formula.

“Caroline likes something really moisturized under her eyes, often something two to three shades lighter than her actual foundation so it really highlights and lifts.”

Caroline adds in her favorite product.

“If I was traveling and had to just take one thing, [Chanel Correcteur Perfection] is my must product.”

The reality star does not use powder in the triangular area under her eye because that can sometimes look caked on.

“If you leave that area un-powdered, it’ll get moisturized on its own throughout the day. It’ll get that dewy look regardless.”

Caroline does not wear a lot of color on her lips, so she opts for a nude gloss.

“I don’t like a lot of color—it makes me look like a walking pair of lips.”

The Bravo reality star never leaves the house without her false eyelashes.

On top of the false lashes, Luke applies mascara only at the roots of the natural hairs and fake lashes to blend the two together, without going through to the ends.

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As for the brows, Caroline loves a bold eyebrow because they shape the face.

“We’re all about the brow. It’s a known fact that brows can make you look younger, and who doesn’t want to look younger?”

Stanbury’s makeup artist mentioned to always use a shade or two darker than your hair color at the end of your brows.

And voila, that is how Caroline Stanbury’s youthful, age-defying look is achieved. The reality star always looks absolutely pristine on camera with her glowing makeup and blunt shoulder-length bob.

caroline stanbury beauty secrets

The Ladies of London star recently moved to Dubai with her husband and family in an area called Al-Bari outside of the main city, according to Bravo.

“It’s all man-made, botanical gardens, gated community with a gym in the middle. I’m hoping for a quieter pace. Very near to the children’s schools, and we have lot of friends there so it shouldn’t be too hard.”

The U.K. native lived outside of the country during her 20s and she has been eager to travel again.

“I always wanted to move. I’ve always wanted to live in the sun. Obviously, my home will always be [the] UK and London but why not? I’d love to live in America someday (wink wink).”

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