Scott Brown Holds Narrow Lead Over Elizabeth Warren In Senate Race

Boston, MA — U.S. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is leading challenger Elizabeth Warren by 45 percent to 43 percent in an election poll just released by the Boston Globe

Despite the closeness of the results, the Globe‘s poll appears to be quite significant. Since the newspaper has been cheerleading Warren’s candidacy from day one, and Brown has a “razor-thin” lead in the Globe‘s own poll, it is possible that the Republican senator has in reality pulled farther ahead.

In the 2010 special election for what was once the seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (which Brown famously called the “people’s seat”), the Globe ran with a pre-election poll that showed Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general, way out in front of Brown, but Brown wound up winning relatively easily in the blue state.

According to the Globe,

“The poll suggests Brown may be pulling off a difficult feat in politics, retaining his personal popularity among voters, even as he continues a relentless attack on his opponent.

“Brown, a Republican in an overwhelmingly Democratic state, may also be benefiting from a slight uptick in support for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney among Massachusetts voters.”

Warren, the Democrat, has been dogged by several ethical issues during the campaign. She is still in hot water for making unproven claims about Native American heritage for career advancement and may never have obtained a license to practice law in the state of Massachusetts where she lives and works. Moreover, the self-proclaimed consumer advocate apparently has a history of providing legal representation and consulting services to big corporations to the detriment of consumers.

The two candidates are scheduled to debate tomorrow night for the final time, but its unclear at this point if Hurricane Sandy will force a cancellation or postponement of the event.