‘Real Santa Hotline’ 785 Area Code Phone Number On Facebook Is Westboro Baptist Church — Kids, Adults Cursed Out

'Real Santa Hotline' 785 Area Code Phone Number On Facebook Is Westboro Baptist Church - Kids, Adults Cursed Out

The phone number to a supposed “Real Santa Hotline” being promoted on Facebook is being called “A Really Wrong Number” by Snopes. Although the Facebook page promoting the ad claims that kids will be able to speak with Santa Claus when they call, or to leave voice mail messages for Santa Claus when they call the number — the real-life experience being reported is something very different. Parents likely never realized that urging their kids to call the phone number with the 785 area code would lead them to Westboro Baptist Church.

There are a bunch of results on Facebook when one searches for a “real Santa Claus hotline” that allows kids to think they are speaking with Santa Claus. Some of those Facebook posts claim that people had no problem with some of the Santa hotlines they’ve called in the past. However, Snopes deems the phone number with the 785 area code being advertised as one where kids can leave messages for Santa Claus a false report. The publication points to the Santa Claus Phone Number Facebook page @realsantahotline as one that’s being shared on Facebook — however, at least one person told Snopes that a phone call to the number resulted in her and her kids being cursed at.

“When I called the number listed as the Santa Hotline some guy that said his name was Steve answered and started cursing me and my kids out. Could you guys please let people know this is not real?”

The reason the phone number with the 785 area code resulted in unexpected responses being reported is that the phone number being passed around Facebook is the phone number for the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s been a common thing for people to knowingly or unknowingly pass along the phone number of the notoriously infamous Westboro Baptist Church, especially when they want the non-friendly Westboro Baptist Church to suffer from a plethora of non-stop phone calls. Therefore, people have trolled others by passing along the phone number of the so-called church as a place people can call for various complaints or other issues to heated topics. The goal of the trolls that generally pass along the phone number of Westboro Baptist Church is to bring the place many unwanted phone calls.

Santa phone call

As seen in the above photo, one member of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church holds a sign during a protest at Wilson High School in Washington in 2014. The Westboro Baptist Church is known for protesting funerals and other events in a controversial manner.

As reported by Heavy, there are phone numbers that allow people to call and speak to Santa Claus or leave messages that don’t route them to the Westboro Baptist Church. Meanwhile, some of the comments on Facebook being published about the valid or not valid Santa Claus phone numbers being passed around online can be seen below.

Westboro Baptist Church Phone Number Hoax: “Authorities urge all parents across the nation to call the Safe Santa Hotline at (785)***-****, to guarantee that your local mall has a Santa that won’t scar your children for life.”

104.9 The Wolf: “Santa’s cell number got leaked! Have your kids call Santa’s cell and leave him their wishlist! Santa Claus’ phone number is (951) 262-3062.”

Daniel Lamb: “I have called the number and it is legit. Santa has a recording and says at the beep to leave a message. This is really nice for the little one.”

Santa Claus

No doubt plenty of phone calls to phone numbers designed for children to speak to Santa Claus exist, despite the trolls to Westboro Baptist Church.

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