GOT7’s Jackson Nude Masturbation Video Rumors — True Or False?

GOT7’s Jackson (Jackson Wang) is getting caught up in the wave of online nude video leaks that’s hitting Hallyu Entertainment right now.

As Koreaboo reports, there are rumors that Jackson made a nude video that could be leaked any day now. Those rumors got back to the 22-year-old Kpop idol and he was forced to address them via his Instagram page.

GOT 7's Jackson Instagram post screenshot

Here’s a translation of what Jackson said, as translated by Koreaboo.

“My friends keep calling me. Asking me if I’ve ever filmed anything weird like a nude video….Am I going to have to resort to legal channels…Who comes up with these preposterous rumors? The world is going crazy..I’m just here to enjoy my Pyeong Yang Noodles with Sungkyu hyung. #I’VENEVERDONEANYTHINGLIKETHAT”


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As we mentioned earlier, Jackon Wang of GOT7 is just one name that has been linked to online nude video leaks in the Kpop/Kdrama world recently.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Seo Ha Joon, a Korean actor, was linked to a leaked masturbation video. The video was uploaded to a social site on December 10. Kdrama fans soon started claiming that the man in the video could be Ha Joon based on a perceived resemblance and the fact that the man in the video is wearing the same necklace that Seo Ha Joon has been seen wearing.

Korea Portal reports that A-Jax’s Hyeongkon has been linked to another nude masturbation video that recently surfaced. In an incident that’s very similar to Seo Ha Joon’s, fans have been the one to point out that the man in the video looks a lot like Hyeongkon. Hyeongkon has since made his Instagram private.

There’s also a video that’s being linked to Seo Joon Young, another Korean actor. The video that fans claim that he appears in was released on December 12.

As Korea Portal notes, neither Seo Joon Young or Hyeonkon’s agencies have released statements about the videos. However, Seo Ha Joon’s agency is promoting a fan meeting with the actor despite the nude video scandal.

The fan meeting is scheduled to take place on the 17th.

“We’re taking in requests through Robin K ENT’s official homepage to attend his fanmeeting,” a statement from his agency reads, according to All Kpop. “Fans not only from Korea, but Japan, China, and Southeast Asia are entering. It shows fans’ heated interest and Seo Ha Joon’s popularity.”

According to the organizers, the meet and greet will give fans an opportunity to meet and interact with the kdrama idol in person.

“The fan meeting that’ll be held on the 17th is a place where Seo Ha Joon will give back to his fans, so it’s free, and there are lots of events and presents prepared.”

In other news, GOT7 is still riding high on the success they’ve had this year. Billboard recently featured them on their list of best world albums released in 2016, the International Business Times reports.

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