Wine Fridge: Clair Potts’ Water-Into-Wine Dispensing Miracle Refrigerator Hack Gets Buzz — Literally

Everyone seems to be talking about the “wine fridge” that’s the creation of Clair Potts and has folks wanting to hack their own refrigerators to make their own wine fridges. The British Clair Potts’ wine fridge happened when Potts — who hails from Manchester, according to the Telegraph — purchased a wine-less fridge that had a place to dispense water automatically, but not wine. The fridge that has been transformed into a wine fridge did indeed come equipped with a wine rack, however, and that fact alone inspired the 28-year-old Potts to create the wine fridge.

Instead of putting fresh water into the water tank of the fridge, Clair poured wine instead in place of the water in a move that is not only being called “sheer genius” on Twitter — but is also drawing humorous comparisons to the first public miracle of Jesus. According to Bible Hub, Jesus had servants fill six 20- to 30-gallon stone water jars filled to the brim with water that was turned to wine — in Clair’s wine fridge hack, Potts simply took photos of herself pouring white wine in place of the water in the water tank in the fridge.

Clair’s wine fridge hack has been liked on Twitter more than 180,000 times and retweeted more than 70,000 times.


Meanwhile, the wine fridge hack is receiving a variety of responses on social media in the account of the fashion blogger. Potts said that she did not realize her wine fridge inspiration would draw so much attention. Potts urged fridge manufacturers to make their own wine fridge creations right away. However, Potts explained that she did not anticipate keeping her wine fridge hack going 24/7 — but only plans to pour wine into the water tank of her fridge on special occasions.

Whereas one could see the handiness of keeping cold white wine in the water tank of a fridge during parties so that guests could help themselves to a cold glass of wine from the wine fridge as they see fit, keeping wine stored in the water tank of a fridge might not be an ideal situation. As reported by Mashable, with wine being oxidized and exposed too long outside of the wine bottle makes the wine not as tasty.

wine fridge
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Meanwhile, on Twitter, some of the responses to the wine fridge run the gamut, with some people greatly admiring Clair’s wine fridge and asking others if they plan to turn their own water-dispensing fridges into wine fridges. Others note that homes with children likely would not pour wine into the water dispenser of a fridge unless they’d be able to ensure the kids don’t get drunk from the wine fridge.

Some of the comments about Clair’s wine fridge that are being published on Twitter can be read below.

wine fridge
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Maneki Neko: “As French, I’m horrified. An open wine in the fridge is quickly altered by the other food stored.”

: “Did you actually do this??? Brilliant!! My little alchy soul rejoices!”

: “Mine has a filter on but it can be removed….”

: “I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now (and a little tipsy).”

: “Hahaha yes. That is such a brilliant idea. Like taps exist already anyway. Way more useful! X”

“We look like crazy people who just survive on prawns and wine.”

: “Thank you! Is it a coincidence, or maybe really just good timing, that I am getting a new fridge for Christmas…”

“My fridge also does this and that means you have just saved 2016.”

“Ours comes from the mains so I can’t swap so jealous haha! You genius.”

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