The New Llama Facebook Riddle Is The Old Giraffe Facebook Riddle — Why You’re Still Probably Answering It Wrong

llama facebook riddle giraffe profile photo answer wrong

Remember a few years ago when all of your friends started changing their Facebook profile pictures to that of a giraffe? It has been a while, but everyone may remember that a riddle was being passed around in different status updates and if you got it “wrong,” then, you had to change your profile pic. Well, a very similar (pretty much the exact same one) riddle is going around Facebook and this time, the incorrect answers are turning people into llamas.

It was back in October of 2013 that Facebook had been taken over by a riddle and the giraffe pics that quickly followed. Everyone was up in arms over this riddle because they weren’t entirely sure that their response was wrong and that the “correct” one was the right one.

This riddle brought about so much attention that CNN even took the time to report it and explain to the world while everyone’s friend on Facebook was now a giraffe. A Facebook riddle had become serious world news.

llama facebook riddle giraffe profile photo answer wrong

Now, three years later, the riddle has made a comeback but with a slight twist. If you get the riddle wrong, you have to change your Facebook profile pic to that of a llama and not a giraffe. It’s been happening a lot in the past week, and it is causing a lot of controversy yet again.

If you’re ready for it and the chaos that will follow, here is the riddle that is going viral on Facebook. You will find this, or some close variation of it, being passed around in the status updates of your friends.

“I just changed my profile picture to a llama because I lost the challenge.
Solve this riddle.
If you’re wrong, you’re committing to put a picture of llama as your profile picture for a whole day!
Answer me in a private message so that others do not see the answer and can participate…
It is 3 in the morning, you’re sleeping and you hear the doorbell. It’s your parents who show up for a surprise visit for breakfast. You’ve got the strawberry jam, honey, bread and cheese.
What do you open first?
Don’t forget, answer me by private message, don’t put your answer in the comments.
If you answer correctly I’ll put your name in comment.
If you’re wrong you have to put a photo of a llama as your profile picture!”

If you don’t want to know the answer, or possible answer, to the riddle on Facebook, you will want to stop reading now. From here on out, you’re going to be spoiled as to the correct and incorrect responses, so, you’ve been warned.

This is pretty much the exact same riddle that was going around three years ago and forcing people to become giraffes. Now, the llamas are showing up everywhere, but what is really the correct answer that will allow you to stay yourself on Facebook?

llama facebook riddle giraffe profile photo answer wrong

As happened years ago, people are saying that the correct answer to the llama riddle is — your eyes.

The FW even broke down the riddle in detail from back in late 2013, and they agreed with the conclusion that it is your eyes that you open first. They state it is obvious because you wake up and you open your eyes and then head to the door.

Here is where the big problem comes in because the riddle states you head to the door and see your parents. So, at this point, your eyes are already open as you made your day to the front door after the bell rang and you can see your parents in front of you. From there, you open the door and let them in.

After that, you open the food containers individually and fix breakfast, but you opened the door first. This is where the ultimate battle begins because then there is the group of people who say the bread needs to be opened first or the jam because you already opened the door, so it doesn’t count.

It’s a war of words that will never truly end, but if you see someone with a llama as their Facebook profile picture, it is likely because they answered something other than “eyes” to the riddle. In all honesty, they shouldn’t change their pic if they said “door” because, well, you know.

For those who are upset about having to change their Facebook profile pic to a llama, you are probably the same who were disappointed in having to change it to a giraffe three years ago. The riddle is one that is quite subjective, and many feel as if the answer they believe in is the right one. It’s all a matter of how the riddle is interpreted, and this is not to say that one answer is wrong and one is right, but if you look like a llama for a few days, you obviously think you were incorrect.

[Featured Image by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images]