WWE News: The New Day, Demolition, and Top 10 Tag Team Champions Of All-Time

Possibly the biggest WWE news for the week was the New Day breaking the 27-year-old record of Demolition with 479 days as the WWE Tag Team champions. By having the record, Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods not have only surpassed one the of top tag teams in WWE history, but they’ve cemented their place in the WWE record book as well.

But the question is this; where do they rank all-time with any tag team in the WWE that have held any version of a tag team championship while with the WWE? There have been many great tag teams who have held the championships, including the likes of the Dudley Boyz, the Legion of Doom, The Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane) and Andre the Giant was once a tag team champion toward the end of his career.

Many legends who are known for their singles wrestling have held the WWE tag team titles, including Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Diesel, Ric Flair, Triple H, Mr. Fuji, Bob Backlund, the Iron Sheik, Greg Valentine, Ted DiBiase, Yokozuna, Mick Foley (as Dude Love, Cactus Jack and Mankind), Terry Funk (as Chainsaw Charlie), the Big Boss Man, Owen Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho, the Big Show, the British Bulldog, Faarooq, Bradshaw and many others.

That said, the competition is strong to be ranked as one of the greatest tag team champions of all time. Many will be left off these rankings, but here is a crack at ranking the Top 10 WWE tag team champions of all-time.

1. Demolition — Some may not believe that Ax and Smash are the best tag team, but in the late ’80s there wasn’t a better tag team in the WWE. They held the tag team title for a previous record of 477 days, and a total of 698 days during their three tag title reigns. In their final time as champions, they added Crush to their team, too, eventually losing the belts to the Hart Foundation at the 1990 Summer Slam.

2. Edge and Christian — One of the most entertaining tag teams in the history of the WWE, they won the championship seven times for a total of 207 days as WWE tag team champions. When they were champions, it was big WWE news, and even to this day, they are still an important part of the WWE Network with a show of their own.

3. The Hart Foundation — This iconic WWE tag team had everything going for them. They were both faces and heels, they had memorable entrance music, they had the skill with Bret Hart and the power with Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart, and at one time, they had Hall of Fame manager Jimmy Hart on their side. Again, being two-time tag team champions (483 days total), they more than left their mark on the great history of tag team wrestling.

4. Legion of Doom — “What a Rush” it was watching Hawk and Animal win the WWE tag team championships during their tenures in the company. They had maybe the most memorable entrance in the history of tag team wrestling with the metal spike shoulder pads. While in the WWE, the LOD held the tag team titles twice for a total of 213 days.

Former WWE Tage Team champion Edge stares at the crowd during a match.

5. The Dudley Boyz — Eight-time WWE tag team champions, the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) have to be in the Top 5. Wrestling in the WWE during the “Attitude Era,” they held the championships for 281 days total. They wrestled during an era where there were some solid tag teams in the WWE, including the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian, with those three teams having two of the greatest matches in the history of WrestleMania.

6. The New Day — The all-time record holder for any tag team champion, the New Day have earned their spot in these rankings and have turned into a very good tag team, even if the WWE at this time doesn’t have the best tag team roster as in past years. Their record is still continuing with the belts on the line this Sunday at WWE Roadblock.

7. The New Age Outlaws — “Oh You Didn’t Know…?” Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg were at the top of their game during parts of the “Attitude Era” while members of Degeneration-X. They put on excellent and entertaining matches and were a part of the reason the WWE won the “Monday Night War” against WCW. The Outlaws held the WWE tag team championships five times for 468 total days.

8. Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka — Two of the toughest men to ever have possession of the titles in the 1970s. They were WWE tag team champions three times for a total of 569 days, helping lay the foundation of what tag team wrestling would become in the 1980s and 1990s.

9. The British Bulldogs — This is another team that had power and strength, with the Dynamite Kid being one of the greatest technical wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle in the WWE, and the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith being the power of the team. Both will be remembered for the great matches they had during their careers, but this duo were tag team champions just once for 294 days.

10. The Hardy Boyz — Matt and Jeff Hardy were fearless during their time in the WWE, especially early on when they were in the midst of the “Attitude Era” when facing the Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian. The Hardys were tag team champions six times for 151 days total.

[Featured Image by JP Yim/Getty Images]