Cynthia Bailey On Kenya Moore: ‘RHOA’ Star Says Fight With Matt ‘Really Upset Me’

Cynthia Bailey has been dealing with her own relationship problems over the past couple of months, as she learned that her estranged husband had been speaking to the media about their divorce. The two separated a while back, because Cynthia simply didn’t trust her husband anymore. After the scandalous Instagram video surfaced last year, Bailey started questioning whether her husband was truly in the marriage. Many people assumed that he had cheated on her, but he revealed that he would never cheat on his wife. So when Kenya Moore reached out to her about her own relationship issues, Cynthia was there for her.

According to a new Bravo report, Cynthia Bailey is now revealing that she was shocked and surprised that things had gone so bad between Kenya and Matt Jordan. She knows that Moore is a strong woman, so she was surprised that she would be so devastated by Matt’s actions. And Cynthia Bailey doesn’t understand why Matt would be so jealous of a post that Kenya shared on Instagram of herself and Jay-Z from years ago.

“I didn’t see anything wrong with Kenya’s Instagram post. It was a throwback — part of her history, and before his time. There was nothing inappropriate about it. I thought that Matt’s reaction was a bit childish and immature,” Cynthia Bailey explains about the troublesome Instagram post that started the fighting with Jordan, according to Bravo, adding, “I don’t ever like to hear any of my girlfriends crying and upset. Kenya is a very strong woman, so when she breaks down and cries about anything, it really upsets me. I was very concerned about her.”

Of course, Bailey has experienced much worse on Instagram as the video of her husband getting too close to another woman was shared on the social media network. But in that case, Cynthia had something to be concerned about. Matt didn’t have anything to be worried about after Kenya shared an old picture of herself and Jay-Z, especially since the picture was from a working set of a music video.

But just because Cynthia Bailey is there for her friend doesn’t mean that she is done dealing with her own divorce problems. While Bailey feels that she has been open and honest with her estranged husband in regards to her feelings, she was surprised to learn that Peter Thomas felt the need to go do interviews about the divorce. While they may not have filed the paperwork together, she felt that she had communicated her decision. However, on The Wendy Williams Show, Peter revealed that he had felt blindsided by Cynthia.

“We had already been separated for months, and that was the direction the relationship was going. I honestly didn’t think at that time that I was saying anything that wasn’t already out there or was breaking news. Unfortunately, it ended up being the headliner for the article instead of my Cynthia Bailey Fashion Accessories. Everyone picked up the story, and it was everywhere. I would have been completely fine with making the announcement together with Peter. I actually would have preferred to do it that way as well. I was a little disappointed that he felt blindsided and felt the need to go on The Wendy Williams Show to discuss our situation specifically,” Cynthia Bailey explains about her own divorce, sharing that she was surprised by Thomas’ decision to speak out to the media about their divorce.

What do you think of Cynthia Bailey’s support of Kenya Moore during this rough time? Do you think she feels betrayed by Peter for going to the media about the divorce?

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