‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8: Ian Somerhalder Hints Damon’s Death [Spoilers]

Ian Somerhalder Hints 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 8 Could End With Damon's Death

How do you vision The Vampire Diaries Season 8 ending? While there are still many questions over Nina Dobrev reprising her role as either Elena Gilbert or Katherine Pierce, there are now questions over the Salvatore brothers’ futures. Ian Somerhalder recently hinted that Damon’s death could be the final nail in The Vampire Diaries’ coffin.

Fans aren’t happy. For them, seeing Damon and Elena together is the best ending for the show. However, it looks like that may not be possible. After all, Damon and Stefan have agreed to serve Cade. While Stefan managed to get their deal down to just one year, there are requirements that the two Salvatore brothers must meet first — they need to complete Cade’s tasks, so there is still no guarantee that the two are saved from hell.

It is also possible that other members of The Vampire Diaries are at risk. Caroline and Alaric have made it very clear that their girls will always come first. Alaric has even proven that he will kill Damon if he has to. He made the decision to stake Damon shortly after Damon made his deal with Cade. Julie Plec is throwing plenty of hints that the end could be Damon and Stefan’s deaths, and Somerhalder and Paul Wesley have both said in the past that the Salvatores dying would make for a preferable end.

Somerhalder recently hinted that Damon’s death will be the end of The Vampire Diaries, according to Digital Spy. Somerhalder is “pro-human” and can’t see how the Salvatores can get away with the death and misery they have caused and have a happy ending in the series finale. He, like Wesley has said in the past, believes that the brothers have lived long enough and that it is time to see them dead and gone.

The actor even went as far to say that Elena should wake up not knowing anything that happened and having a life free of the Salvatores. While initially she may be upset about the loss of her love (Damon), it is very likely that she would be able to move on and enjoy a semi-vampire-free existence. There are high chances that Caroline will still be around, as Elena would need a friend or two in the future when she finally wakes up.

As for Elena, fans may not see her in The Vampire Diaries Season 8. While Plec still wants her to appear, Dobrev is currently busy with various appearances and movies. She wants to focus on the big screen more, especially after her appearance in the new xXx movie with Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson.

Dobrev is also currently planning a role in Workaholics. The part has been custom-written for Dobrev, but there is hope that that means it was done to fit her schedule with The Vampire Diaries. Workaholics, like The Vampire Diaries, is on its final season.

It is likely that nobody will know until the very end if she will appear or not. The Vampire Diaries Season 7 included Dobrev’s voice calling out to Damon, which the actress recorded just for the episode. None of the fans knew about it ahead of the time and were pleasantly surprised to find out that the voiceover wasn’t a bunch of sound clips pieced together.

Plec and Dobrev may have decided to leave the appearance a surprise until the very end. The discussion about whether Dobrev will return has kept the show in the news for the final season.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 is now on its winter hiatus and will return on January 13 for all new episodes. What do you think will happen in the second half of the final season? Will Damon and Stefan die like Somerhalder has hinted?

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