Tamera Mowry: I Have Been Pregnant Forever, Can’t Wait To Have Baby

Tamera Mowry is done with being pregnant.

The former child star, who is thirty nine weeks pregnant, said that she feels like she’s been pregnant forever!

Mowry writes on her blog:

“I can now say that I am down to the wire. I seriously feel like I have been pregnant forever. Almost 10 months to be exact! Thirty-nine weeks in and no baby yet…. If I have yet to learn patience, my son is in the process of teaching me now. I have learned that I am not in control and that he will decide when he comes. However, I have not been as receptive as I want to be to his timing. If I am completely honest … at this stage, Iwant this baby OUT!”

According to her blog, Mowry’s due date is this Tuesday, October 30. But the star isn’t too confident that she’ll have her baby tomorrow. Tamera said that only about 5% of women have their babies on their due date and most first time mothers have their babies a few days, or weeks, after their due dates.

But Mowry is doing everything she can to make sure the baby comes soon.

Mowry writes:

“Although I am still seven days out, I have to say I’ve already begun Googling suggestions on how to induce my labor naturally … So far I have tried pineapple juice, evening primrose oil, drinking a glass of wine, dancing, squatting and finally, spicy food.”

When it is time to have her baby, Tamera said that she is going to try and have a natural birth. Her sister, Tia, isn’t confident that her sister will be able to take all of the pain.

Tia said:

“She is my sister and we can’t take pain. Pain and us, we just don’t mix! She is trying to be brave, which is good . . . but I don’t think she is going to make it.”

Mowry’s life is consumed right now by her pending baby but she’s also managed to have some fun. She went to the SF Giants world series game yesterday and has been getting used to being a mother by hanging out with her sister Tia and her little boy.

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