Taylor Swift Dissed By Ex-Boyfriend John Mayer In Now-Deleted Tweet?

It looks like John Mayer might be a little more bitter about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift than he’s previously let on. As reported by Elle and a host of other sites, Mayer posted this gem of a diss.

“Tuesday, December 13 may be the lamest day of the year, conceptually.”

John deleted it almost immediately, probably recognizing the amount of buzz that such a tweet would generate, but not before thousands of people managed to grab screenshots of it.


John and Taylor dated years ago when Taylor Swift was just a young and impressionable singer at the age of 19. The two were linked romantically for about three months from December of 2009 to February of 2010. As has become Taylor Swift’s go-to move, the relationship and breakup was immortalized in the song “Dear John,” which was released on her 2010 album, Speak Now.

John Mayer said in an interview with Rolling Stone that the song “really humiliated” him. In the 2012 interview, John said the following.

“It made me feel terrible because I didn’t deserve it. I’m pretty good at taking accountability now, and I never did anything to deserve that. It was a really lousy thing for her to do.”

John also took a dig at Swift during the interview, calling the song “cheap songwriting.”

If you’re not sure why this is such an insult, December 13 is Taylor Swift’s birthday. The singer turned 27 this year, celebrating it in full style with lots of congratulations from her girl squad.

Karlie Kloss posted a super sweet photo of the two of them together on her Instagram, saying, “I feel blessed to count you as my friend, sister and partner in crime.”

Gigi Hadid and Marsha Hunt also joined in the celebratory messages, posting photos of themselves with Swift with heartfelt messages.

A big announcement was also made by AT&T who teamed up with Taylor to form Taylor Swift NOW, a new video experience that will be available on demand through DirecTV, U-Verse, and, of course, AT&T Wireless. The channel is going to contain content that will be “hand-curated” by Swift.

The channel so far has 13 chapters, each with a different theme. For instance, there are stories of how she’s surprised various fans in the chapter titled, “That One Time… I Surprised My Fans.” There will also be audio commentary tracks on her past videos and even special chapters that have yet to be announced.

Another part of the deal that Swift signed with AT&T includes the “DirecTV Super Saturday Night,” an event held in Houston on the night before Super Bowl LI (LI is the Roman numeral equivalent to 51).

John Mayer still holding a grudge over "Dear John?"
Taylor Swift at the 50th annual CMA Awards on Nov. 2, 2016, in Nashville, Tenn. [Image by Charles Sykes/AP]

So, it looks like despite John Mayer’s diss, Taylor is going to be okay.

[Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]