Nicole Franzel And Corey Brooks Together Again: ‘Big Brother 18’ Stars Reunite For Another Visit

Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks first connected in the Big Brother 18 house last summer, and they have continued to spend quite a bit of time together since BB18 wrapped. “Nicorey” fans knew that the two would be together again soon, but the duo just surprised everybody by reuniting a few days earlier than anticipated. What’s the scoop on this visit that has everybody buzzing?

Since the finale of Big Brother 18 aired, Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel have gotten together a few times now. She visited him in Texas last fall, and then Nicorey joined Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette in Canada for some Halloween events. The BB18 stars had then talked about having him visit her in Michigan, and the visit took place earlier this month.

There had been some talk swirling that Nicole and Corey would take a trip to Tennessee together this month, and fellow Big Brother alum Caleb Reynolds recently confirmed via social media that he would be seeing Franzel and Brooks together in a few days. It seems that Bachelorette lovebirds Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth also shared via a recent Periscope video that they were hoping to connect with Nicorey in Nashville soon too.

'Big Brother 18' star Corey Brooks
[Image by Corey Brooks/Snapchat]

The couple’s supporters were anxiously waiting to see Corey and Nicole reunite this weekend, but the Big Brother 18 stars pulled a fast one on fans. Brooks teased via Snapchat Tuesday night that there was a special visitor on the way, and Nicorey folks immediately began to suspect that Franzel was heading to Dallas. The two tried to throw everybody off with a couple of other social media posts, but not many were fooled by the looks of things.

Late Tuesday night, Corey started to tell a riddle via a Snapchat video, and the prank was ruined a moment early when Nicole was heard shouting out asking what the riddle was. As many of the couple’s Big Brother 18 supporters suspected, Franzel headed to Dallas to spend some time with Brooks and his friends first before the two head to Tennessee together for the weekend. He later tweeted a bit of an apology to fans, admitting that he just couldn’t resist having a bit of fun by surprising them with his visitor. From the looks of the replies he got, Nicorey supporters didn’t mind a bit.

These two have played coy ever since the Big Brother 18 finale regarding the status of their relationship. While the other two couples from BB18, Paulie and Zakiyah, as well as Natalie Negrotti and James Huling, have been quite open about the fact they are dating and in love, Nicole and Corey tend to avoid answering questions about where things stand between the two of them.

Despite playing coy, Brooks and Franzel seem to be having a lot of fun together, and Nicorey fans feel as if both BB18 stars have certain smiles and attitudes that come into play when they’re together or talking about being together. They have managed to spend quite a bit of time together since the Big Brother 18 finale, and it sounds as if additional plans are in the works.

Nicorey fans will have to hang tight to see what comes next for the BB18 pair as they have yet to detail anything regarding long-term plans. Despite all of that, it certainly does appear that things are going quite well for Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks, and their Big Brother 18 fans cannot wait to see where things from here.

[Featured Image by Nicole Franzel/Instagram]