Paul Ryan Draws Massive Crowds During Ohio Bus Tour

Paul Ryan drew large crowds during his Ohio bus tour over the weekend. The Republican vice presidential candidate was ushered around the southern regions of the state while discussing job creation and the economy. Governor John Kasich introduced the man he has reportedly grown to admire greatly and considers the “Paul Revere” of the next generation, according to WOUB.

Ohio political all-stars successfully warmed up the crowd before Ryan took the stage in Zanesville. Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and US Senate candidate Josh Mandel were among those singing the praises of both Ryan and Mitt Romney. The crowd was shown two campaign videos before the Republican vice presidential candidate discussed balancing the budget and energy creation for 17 minutes, according to the Zanesville Times Recorder.

Paul Ryan had this to say during the campaign stop:

“What I see and sense and feel [in Ohio] are people who care so deeply about their country, who care so deeply about their community. We’re going in the wrong direction. The economy was supposed to be growing twice as fast today as it is. Remember when he [President Obama] said he’d bring people to solve the country’s biggest problems? This is the third president I’ve served with. It’s the most partisan atmosphere I’ve ever seen. Hope and change has become anger and frustration, divide and conquer.”

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor voiced her opposition to President Barack Obama’s claims that he helped usher in the economic progress in Ohio.

“President Obama comes into Ohio and he’s taking credit….He says he’s responsible for Ohio’s turnaround and comeback….No you’re not.”

While Kasich is always quick to note how much work is left to be done in the state, the governor is understandably proud of closing the nearly $8 billion budget shortfall without raising taxes. The JobsOhio program has reportedly helped decrease unemployment by working quickly to attract new business and increase job opportunities at existing companies seeking to expand.

Governor Kasich had this to say during the Ryan bus tour through the all-important swing state:

“We don’t have the right to make them [the next generation] pay for the rest of their lives for the fact that we couldn’t get our spending under control. It would be no different than ringing up credit card bills and then just passing them on to our kids. We wouldn’t do that, so why do we let the government do this.”

The GOP candidate also enjoyed large crowds when sharing his thoughts on what a Mitt Romney administration would entail during campaign stops in Dayton, Circleville, Yellow Springs, and New Philadelphia.