Joy Behar Says Donald Trump Encouraged Russian Hacking & Is Putting Americans At Risk — Video ‘Meltdown’ Goes Viral

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On Monday, Joy Behar publicly accused President-elect Donald Trump of encouraging the Russians to hack into the Democratic National Committee’s email during his 2016 presidential campaign, and she even encouraged Americans to “stand up to this guy” before it’s too late. What’s now being called Joy Behar’s “meltdown” on Monday’s episode of The View is now going viral on YouTube with nearly 200,000 views.

Joy Behar, who’s one of the original hosts of ABC’s The View, was a staunch supporter of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential election, so it’s no surprise to Donald Trump supporters that she’s now saying the president-elect should step down before Inauguration Day on January 20, 2017, or he’ll be putting Americans at risk.

Fox News shared Monday’s episode of The View that shows a clip of all five of the current co-hosts discussing the CIA’s conclusion that Russia did, in fact, interfere in the 2016 presidential election by allegedly hacking into the DNC’s emails and giving them to WikiLeaks.

A heated debate ensued, with Whoopi Goldberg, 61, and Joy Behar, 74, taking the lead in attacking President-elect Donald Trump for allegedly encouraging Russia to sway the election. Joy Behar even pointed out one campaign speech where Donald Trump actually told Russia that they would be “rewarded mightily” for finding over 30,000 emails that were allegedly deleted by Hillary Clinton off of a private email server when she was Secretary of State.

In her own defense, Hillary Clinton said that she only deleted those emails because she believed they were non-work related, as reported by ABC News back in September. But the thousands of DNC emails released by WikiLeaks tell a different story, with the most damaging emails showing how Clinton and the DNC tried to undermine Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign by calling him an atheist and even saying that the 75-year-old Senator from Vermont was actually an independent and not a Democrat. Although the DNC seemed to be tipping the scales in favor of a Hillary Clinton presidential nominee, Russia appeared to be tipping the scales in favor of Donald Trump by allegedly hacking into top Democrats’ emails and releasing them to the American public.

The Guardian reports that Russian hackers accessed “thousands of emails” from the DNC after an aide to former DNC chairman John Podesta accidentally marked a phishing email as an actual legitimate email, and the CIA agrees. Last week, the CIA concluded that Russia “deliberately intervened” in the presidential election to help Donald Trump win, even though Trump continues to deny the claim.

Now, Joy Behar is saying that Donald Trump is “fighting” with the CIA, the agency that’s supposed to protect the U.S. from outside threats to national security. Joy Behar continued with her televised rant on Monday, saying that Trump “discrediting” the CIA is putting the country at risk. Behar even called for Trump to step down before his inauguration in January and before he’s given the nuclear codes, suggesting that Trump might actually launch nuclear weapons.

Goldberg and Behar also brought up Donald Trump’s verbal attack on China, which began earlier this month after a “controversial” phone call with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. CBS News reports that Trump took to his Twitter account shortly after the phone call to “criticize the Chinese government” in a series of tweets, one of which on tariffs was factually incorrect, according to the report.

China protested Trump’s call to Taiwan, since the U.S. cut ties with Taiwan nearly 40 years ago, because the island of Taiwan is considered a province of China and controlled by the Republic of China. Trump, however, says he didn’t call Ing-wen. He simply received a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s president, even though members of the Trump transition team had already allegedly been in contact with Taiwan over real estate development.

Joy Behar also brought up the fact that Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has a “long-standing relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” as reported by Raw Story, even though previous chairman of Trump’s presidential campaign Paul Manafort was forced to step down for lobbying on behalf of Russia.

After warning that the Communist symbol — a red hammer and sickle — might soon show up on the U.S. flag, Joy Behar’s “meltdown” on The View is being called bizarre, loud-mouthed, and psychotic, with phony support for the CIA from a “leftist radical,” especially after she told Americans to revolt and stand up against Trump.

According to Behar, “We’re at risk.”

Some reports say that Joy Behar fears Donald Trump may become a dictator, which is what Russian President Vladimir Putin has been called in the past.

Fox News reports that The View’s co-creator and co-host for nearly 17 years, Barbara Walters, 87, recently said that she’s critical of the “new direction” The View has gone since her departure from the long-running ABC talk show in 2014, allegedly even calling some of the hosts “uninformed,” reportedly citing bad casting and poor leadership by ABC executives.

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