Nick Cannon On New Baby: Mariah Carey Confronted Me In A Funny Way

Nick Cannon revealed that his divorced wife and musician, Mariah Carey, confronted him about his new baby on the way with his childhood friend Brittany Bells, a beauty queen.

Speaking with J Cruz and Krystal Bee on Power106 FM’s The Cruz Show, Cannon revealed how his ex-wife and mother of his 5-year-old twins reacted to the news over the phone.

“I don’t know how she heard about it, but she called me, and she was funny with it. She was like, ‘Mm-hmm, I heard about you out here in these streets.'”

When asked for the reaction of his older twins on the subject, Cannon told the show’s co-host Krystal Bee that “they’re super excited.” It seemed easier as the twins were enjoying Storks, an animated film about delivering babies.

Us Weekly reported in November the existence of the upcoming baby and an insider’s claim of Cannon’s paternity. Nick confirmed his paternity on The Breakfast Club.

“Who said it wasn’t mine? I’ve got a baby on the way… absolutely… God said be fruitful and multiply. I’m doing the Lord’s work… everybody get a baby! I’m passing them out.”

However, Nick has clarified that the baby isn’t an after-thought, what he calls an “oops baby,” in response to many people’s opinions.

“Never an ‘oops baby.’ I’m so calculated with my moves…I’ve always wanted five kids. Just because my marriage was over didn’t mean I couldn’t continue my family.”

It can then be inferred that Nick Cannon’s third baby was deliberately planned. That would explain why Cannon’s baby mama is a long-time friend of his and not just a random woman.

“I wanted to make sure it was someone who was solid, spiritual and had the same views. She’s been in my life. Our families grew up in the same projects together in San Diego. So there’s a lot of substance there.”

Brittany Bell, 28, is a Guyanese-American beauty queen, dancer, and TV presenter who clinched the Miss Arizona USA crown in 2010. She also won the Miss Guam beauty pageant in 2014. While she also competed in the Miss USA 2010 contest while representing Arizona, she lost out.

According to the Us Weekly, both Nick and Brittany started dating in 2014 shortly after Nick Cannon’s divorce from Carey. However, the relationship has been on and off before they were seen together in January of 2015, when Cannon performed on-stage together with her at the Maxim Party in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, in an Instagram picture she posted earlier in November of 2016, she is seen with fellow beauty queens in what is apparently her official announcement in the absence of one. Nick Cannon, however, was conspicuously absent.

A sweet moment of #celebration with a few of the many incredible women in my life. Missing the rest of you ???????????????????? Miss USA /Miss Universe not only puts you in a rare sisterhood no money can buy.. but your child ends up with some of the most naturally beautiful, sweetest, and strongest women from around the country/world to call Aunties!!???? ???? #misscaliforniausa#misswyomingusa #missarizonausa #missusa

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In all of this, Nick Cannon has revealed that his relationship with his children — Monroe and Moroccan — will not suffer because of the coming of the baby since all he’s always wanted was one big family.

“Mariah, Moroccan and Monroe will always be my family, but we always can have other aspects of our family.”

Bell, however, has been basking in the euphoria of being the channel for a new life, as can been seen in the Instagram post from her account below.

Throwback tuesday?.. lol ❤ Life growing inside you is fun during the holidays.. people ask what I/we dressed up as .. well.. here you go ???? #gumballmachine #bubble

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