‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Valerie’s Big Secret Exposed?

Today’s latest batch of Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that there’s a huge reveal just waiting to happen. Now reports are stating that Valerie’s surprise is about to explode on the hit soap.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the incoming batch of spoilers reveals that someone is becoming suspicious of Valerie, and they have a reason to. As fans know, Theo really didn’t trust Valerie from day one and thinks she’s both a liar and a master manipulator. His hunch was semi-confirmed when he found her lying about how she was spending her time in Salem. As of right now, he’s currently worried about what those mysterious texts on her phone mean, but as is everything on this soap, it isn’t what it seems to be.


Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that there’s a reason why Theo is so invested in Valerie’s secret. His first concern is Abe, and so he’s taking extra measures to protect him, especially since he thinks that Abe and Valerie and growing closer by the second. He feels that if Abe is not careful enough, he’s going to get hurt by Valerie. From the day he met her, Theo didn’t think Valerie has anyone’s best interests at heart.

So what’s Valerie’s big surprise? As it turns out, Theo’s hunch that Valerie is secretly seeing someone else is actually a little misdirected. Her texts don’t mean that she’s involved with someone other than Abe, rather that she’s been texting her son. Theo and Chloe will follow their leads and ultimately discover that Valerie has a son, which is shocking to hear.

Eli Grant Days

Although these Days of Our Lives spoilers may be shocking to the characters in Salem, fans of the show have had an inkling that this storyline was bound to come out. It was reported that actor Lamon Archey was making a move from The Young and The Restless to Days of Our Lives, and it was teased that his role as Eli Grant would have a great connection to the characters of Salem. Eli Grant is the grandson of Julie, which makes his father, David Banning. It doesn’t take much to figure this one out, as Valerie and David were once engaged, but at the time nothing was said about a love child, it was just expected that the couple fizzled out. With that in mind, this news is bound to rock some residents of Salem.

Days of Our Lives spoilers point out that David Banning might be the most affected by this news. There’s a huge possibility that David might not even know that Eli is his son, and if he does find out that he’s a father to Eli, this means there’s going to be some huge conflict between Valerie and him. All of this leads to the huge question of whether or not this news will re-introduce the character of David back to Days of Our Lives?

David and Valerie already have a special place in fans’ hearts as they were the first interracial couple on Days of Our Lives, so seeing the two on the small screen again might spark an excitement for many viewers. The last time we saw David Banning back in the 80s, he was portrayed by Gregg Marx, so it will be interesting to see if he will portray the character or if he will be recast.

If Days producers decide to recast Banning, it wouldn’t be a surprise, as Melrose Place actress Vanessa Williams was also recast in the role of Valerie.

What do you think about the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Will we finally see the return of David Banning? How will the residents of Salem react to the news that Eli is Valerie’s son?

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