Three Wireless Earbuds That Are Better Than The Apple AirPods

Apple has finally released the AirPods online, and they will be ready to roll out in physical stores by next week. A lot of people will be parting with their hard-earned cash to get one of these listening marvels. The release of the Apple AirPods signals that Apple is now trying to officially kill the headphone jack.

Other mobile phone companies, such as chief rival Samsung, are rumored to follow in Apple’s footsteps by removing the 3.5mm jack in their flagship phones. This means that people would most likely have to invest in wireless earbuds like the Apple AirPods much sooner.

The problem with this is that the AirPods are not cheap. According to the Apple website, the AirPods are going to set customers back by as much as $159. While it does have some really nifty features like good audio quality, instant connection to your iOs devices, and five hours of listening time with an additional 24 hours of juice in the AirPods’ case, it is still a big investment for a lot of people.

So for those who are looking for alternatives, here are some of the other wireless earbuds that are better than the Apple AirPods.


Erato Muse 5

Erato, who created the Apollo 7 wireless earbuds, just released a cheaper version of their well-received earbuds. The Muse 5 is definitely going to provide the Apple AirPods a serious run for its money by the time it rolls around. As noted by a review from Digital Trends, the Muse 5 has more in terms of fit customization than the AirPods, with extra ear tips for a snugger fit. This is one of the problems of the Apple AirPods as some early reviews noticed a slight jiggling when wearing the earbuds.

Another thing it has over the Apple AirPods is that it is certainly more pleasing to look at. The Muse 5 eliminates that dangling white thing that the AirPods have. Plus, it has the same portable charging case for those days when the user forgets to charge. It also is water and sweat resistant for those extreme workouts. According to Indiegogo, the Erato Muse 5 will retail at $170.


Air by Crazybaby

Not everyone is impressed by the appearance of the Apple AirPods. Those dangling white things are definitely not an eye pleaser. For those who are looking for something much more attractive, it might be a good thing to check out Air by Crazybaby. Forbes has stated in a review that it looks much sleeker and more attractive than the AirPods, and the sound quality is pretty good.

While the sound won’t drop the jaws of hardcore audiophiles, it is still of good quality. The Air also shares the same features as the AirPods like a portable charging case, which is much better looking. Considering that the Air is cheaper than the Apple AirPods by about $70 dollars, this gem is an unbelievable find.


Jabra Elite Sport

The Jabra Elite Sport may not win any design contests with its solid bulky black look, but it may just trump the Apple AirPods in features. Pocket Lint noted that the Jabra Elite Sport can only last three hours, with six extra hours from its carrying case. But that may be because that this wireless earbud is a powerhouse when it comes to features.

The Elite Sport has an in-ear heart monitor for fitness junkies along with a tri-axis accelerometer. This is perfect with the Jabra Sport Life app that can give users loads of fitness tracking data like distance covered and calories burned.

It also comes with a three-year warranty and advertises a replacement if the product suffers a “failure from sweat.” The Jabra Elite Sport is much more expensive than the Apple AirPods at $229 but may just be the sturdier option.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]