Will Kate Middleton Be Obliged To Buy Meghan Markle A Cheap And Tacky Christmas Gift?

Christmas is the time for giving, but what, if anything, will Kate Middleton be buying Meghan Markle this year, and will it be in keeping with the usual cheap and tacky gifts the British royals delight in giving one another?

There’s been a lot of talk about a possible rivalry between the Duchess and the actress. They’re both slim, raven haired clothes horses who love a bit of pageantry and pomp, and both were born at the beginning of that most hideous of decades, the 1980s.

Yet do these two darlings of the Windsor clan flock together likes birds of a feather or secretly despise one another?

In an earlier article the Inquisitr asked if Kate and Meghan’s respective star-signs indicated that a cosmic clash was on the horizon.

“On paper, at least, the two glamor dolls would presumably get on famously together. Both share a love of high-street fashion, both are keen to be associated with humanitarian causes, both appear to be the sort of woman who would own a pet bunny rabbit, and both are thoroughly common, in a non-royal sense that is.

“Yet despite unofficial sources expressing how thrilled Kate is to have Meghan join the fold, the two have still not appeared in public together in a show of sisterly solidarity.

“Which begs the question, is it written in the stars that Kate and Meghan will never see eye to eye. And by stars we mean that cosmic discipline which dictates the fate of us all – astrology!”

With Kate being a goat (Capricorn) and Meghan a lion (Leo), the article deemed it unlikely that the two lovers of different brothers would lock horns anytime soon, so one would assume in keeping with the festive flavor of the season, the Duchess and the thespian will be buying one another a Christmas trinket of some sort.

The question is what?

Prince Harry

We only ask because the British royal family has a long and proud history of giving and receiving slightly unusual and occasionally insane Christmas presents, rather than the expensive tat so many of us in the modern world crave.

The Queen is a frugal sort and has more money than she knows what to do with, so why waste it on presents for the in-laws, when you can give them something rather meaningless and trite instead?

This philosophy has long governed the royals’ view on Christmas presents.

Meghan Markle

Author Jade Wade explained, “Kate Middleton has the brains to realize that you don’t buy extravagant presents. The royals don’t approve of that.”

Instead, they approve of exchanging the cheapest and tackiest gifts possible on Christmas Eve as opposed to Christmas Day, such is Queen Elizabeth’s dislike of expensive gifts and tradition.

According to the International Business Times, the Queen is like a secret Santa who relishes in seeing who can come up with the cheapest present possible.

Princess Anne once gave her brother Prince Charles a white leather toilet seat and Prince Harry once gave his own grandmother, the queen, a bath cap with ‘Ain’t life a bitch!’ written on it.

How rum!

Apparently, Kate Middleton is also something of a past master at leading the charge when it comes to criminally tasteless gifts.

The Duchess once reportedly gave Prince Harry a plastic “Grow Your Own Girlfriend” kit one Christmas.

So watch out Markle, if Kate does buy you a Christmas gift this year, it could be anything from a French Maid’s outfit to acting lessons.

[Featured Image by Dominic Lipinski-WPA Pool/Getty Images]