Daiwon McPherson Gets Death Threats, GoFundMe Advice, Faces Eviction After Marriage Proposal To Shawna Blackmon With Police [Video]

Daiwon McPherson Gets Death Threats, Faces Eviction After Marriage Proposal Using Police, Taser Threats [Video]

Daiwon McPherson used an unusual means of proposing to Shawna Blackmon involving the police and a fake scenario that fooled Shawna into believing that Daiwon was about to get arrested and tasered by police. As seen in the below video from Blackmon’s Facebook page, which is currently going viral with more than 150,000 views, McPherson first speaks about the unusual marriage proposal being his last chance to get things right with Blackmon, a woman Daiwon said he had hurt in the past. Therefore, McPherson decided to make Shawna upset on purpose to throw her off the marriage proposal trail. It was a plan that McPherson had set up for so long that culminated on Water Street at an Exxon gas station in Mobile, Alabama.

Warning: Shawna’s Facebook video of Daiwon’s marriage proposal and set-up contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

The video of Daiwon’s marriage proposal can also be seen in the below YouTube video from the YouTube channel of AL.com. That video has gotten more than 100,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube on December 11. Daiwon created the police-involved ruse because McPherson said that he and Shawna are big in the biker community, a community that involves interaction with plenty of police officers.

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McPherson also has a tattoo shop, and that’s another means of making Daiwon popular in the community. Daiwon planted it in Shawna’s head that McPherson indeed had a gun prior to the proposal — as the couple says in their follow-up viral Facebook video below. Blackmon was lured to the scene by a mutual friend, who told Shawna that Daiwon was in danger and on the run from police. With the help of the Mobile Police Department, Daiwon created a scene at the gas station whereby he made Shawna believe the police wanted her to extract the gun from Daiwon. Blackmon called herself Daiwon’s wife when the police yelled and asked her who she was in relation to Daiwon.

“I’m his wife!”

The police wanted to make sure that the scenario would be safe — making sure Blackmon didn’t have a weapon on her, and that Shawna wouldn’t attack police during the ruse. Daiwon advised the police beforehand to make Shawna think she was in control.

Daiwon and Shawna have been engaged since December 9, according to Shawna’s own Facebook page. In the below video, Daiwon explains the reaction that people are having to his viral video, which McPherson says he didn’t expect to go viral. McPherson explained that the journey to his wild proposal to Shawna involved the couple going through a breakup — even though they remained best friends — a path that helped Daiwon learn about his own sense of pride and how it had an effect upon their five-year relationship.

Warning: The following Facebook video of Daiwon and Shawna explaining the aftermath of the viral video contains language that might be offensive.

Daiwon spoke of some of the backlash the couple has received from people who don’t agree with the way McPherson chose to propose to Shawna. Certain critics think that McPherson was making light of police brutality. However, plenty of other people are supporting McPherson’s decision to create an elaborate plan to surprise Blackmon on a random day when Shawna would least expect the weird marriage proposal.

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Blackmon had just gotten her hair and nails done prior to McPherson’s proposal, according to AL.com. The couple also discussed potentially setting up a GoFundMe page to help with the cost of their upcoming wedding. Daiwon spoke of owing rent monies for his tattoo shop and possibly facing eviction — but the most troubling post on the Facebook page of McPherson is one in which he writes of death threats Daiwon has received.

“Don’t know if I should take the death threats seriously or not….”

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