Sheree Whitfield On Dating Bob Whitfield Again: ‘I Need Someone Who Can Communicate’

Sheree Whitfield RHOA

Sheree Whitfield has been thinking about dating her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, over the past couple of years, as he recently decided to make an effort with her. Years ago, the two of them never got along and he kept saying he couldn’t pay her the owed child and spousal support after their divorce because he had stopped playing in the NFL. Whitfield was upset with him and she threw water in his face during a conversation. Sheree didn’t seem eager to forgive him, as she was already upset with him for cheating and ruining their marriage, but it sounds like she’s slowly letting him back in.

According to a new Bravo report, Sheree Whitfield is now revealing that she and Bob are actually in a really great place these days. While they are not dating and she has no plans of moving him into Chateau Sheree, they are getting along and they are co-parenting. And after he apologized for cheating on her with several women, Sheree seemed to get a sense of peace in her life. But getting an apology just isn’t enough for Sheree.

“You know, I’m actually loving where we are now. I wish we could have been in this space years ago. I think it would have been so beneficial for our family. And definitely for our kids seeing a positive environment with their mom and dad,” Sheree Whitfield explains about her relationship with Bob, sharing that she’s very excited about where they are today as parents.

They have two children together. While they live with Sheree Whitfield full-time and they both live at Chateau Sheree, they do co-parent their children. As fans saw on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, they did both parent their son after he was pulled over for driving under the influence. Sheree was scared and concerned for her son’s safety, especially since so many African-American men had been shot by white police officers. She was scared that a single gesture could result in him getting killed and Sheree got Bob involved in the parenting.

But it takes a lot more than parenting to get on her good side. There was a betrayal of trust between Sheree and Bob, as he cheated on her. And while he can be a good father, he may not be the perfect partner for her. However, the door isn’t closed yet. While Sheree is dating other people, she hasn’t closed the door completely on dating Bob.

“But at the end of the day, so much happened and transpired in our relationship previously that I feel like we need to work on why those things happened and move forward and we need to address a lot of things. And it’s just all fun for him right now. Everything’s either sex or a joke where he can’t be serious, so he’s got to step it up,” Sheree Whitfield told The Daily Dish, according to Bravo.

“I think I’ve always been kind of looking for the same thing, maybe a few things may have changed. I’ve always wanted a great guy who’s family oriented, god fearing, honest,” Sheree Whitfield explains to The Daily Dish, according to Bravo, adding, “I need someone who can communicate. And that was the problem with Bob and I. I think we talked so much before we got married, but once we got married the communication was like cut off. So definitely someone who communicates, makes me laugh.”

Are you surprised that Sheree Whitfield is open to dating Bob in the future, but wants him to keep parenting their children? Do you think he is a changed man and would stay faithful to Whitfield if they did get back together?

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