‘The Voice’ Live Season 11 Finale Recap: Justin Bieber Cheers, Stars Duet & A Winner Stuns

Even Justin Bieber voiced his views on who should win The Voice, but did the Biebs’ backing make a difference when The Voice Live finale for Season 11 finally named a winner? Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus all did their best when it came to mentoring their contestants to sing their way to the top, and the finale kept the suspense going until the end.


When one of The Voice final four, Team Adam Levine’s Billy Gilman, learned that Justin Bieber had tweeted his support, he was stunned, reported Hollywood Life.

“No way! I like him! I always liked him!” gushed Gilman over Bieber’s rooting for him to win The Voice.

“That is so cool, I am so humbled! That is crazy, what an honor.”

In making his choice for The Voice season 11 winner, Justin apologized to coach Blake Shelton, while making it clear that he was cheering for Team Adam’s Billy.

“Hey Blake [Shelton]…sorry #teamadam. Good luck Billy. #comebackstory,” tweeted Bieber.

But did that make enough a difference when it came down to those critical votes?


TVLine issued kudos to NBC and The Voice team for surviving a season with Miley Cyrus as a coach, noting that there was not “a single twerking incident, wardrobe malfunction or naked body writhing atop an instrument of mass demolition.”

However, it wasn’t Miley who was involved in the nail-biting when it came down to a personal stake in who won or lost The Voice Season 11. The Voice Live finale turned into a race among two Team Adam members, one Team Blake member, and one Team Alicia Keys contestant.

Miley Cyrus brought new energy to "The Voice," bantering with Adam Levine.
Miley Cyrus brought new energy to "The Voice," bantering with Adam Levine. [Image by Trae Patton/NBC Images]

Shelton had successfully coached his contestant, Sundance Head, through several performances that got the crowd roaring. But would Gilman outdo him, or would Wé McDonald or Josh Gallagher turn into the surprise winner?

Before The Voice Live finale named a winner, there were what have come to be the inevitable performances from successful stars, including some dazzling duets. From Wé McDonald teaming up with John Legend to Billy Gilman taking the stage with American Idol Season 1 champion Kelly Clarkson, the duets ruled the night, noted EW.


Kiss and Sundance Head went all out with “Detroit Rock City” and “Rock and Roll All Nite.” Josh Gallagher teamed up with Cam for her single “Burning House.

Taking their duet to the next level, Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande got help from the final four for their Sing soundtrack duet “Faith.” And choosing to go it alone (and obviously not really needing any help) were Sting with “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You,” The Weeknd performing “Starboy,” and Bruno Mars giving it all up with “24K Magic.”

"The Voice" Live included some dazzling duets, with Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande teaming up.
"The Voice" Live included some dazzling duets, with Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande teaming up. [Image by Tyler Golden/NBC Images]

But in the end, The Voice Live finale named the winner and runners-up. Fourth place went to Team Adam’s Josh Gallagher, while Team Alicia’s Wé McDonald took third place. In the surprise of the night, Bieber’s pick from Team Adam, Billy Gilman got second, with Team Blake’s contestant Sundance Head taking home the ultimate prize as The Voice winner.


The Washington Post noted that by crowning Head as The Voice winner over Gilman, it was a victory that was a long time coming while also revealing something about the singing competition itself.

In 2007, Head survived all the way to the finals on American Idol. That didn’t-quite-make-it feeling on that reality TV show, however, may have made his win on The Voice all the sweeter.

Many had assumed that Gilman, because of the name recognition as a former child star, would score more votes than Head. But the surprising victory for Sundance just may show that the majority of voters no longer are swayed by contestants who seem to come to the show with built-in boost.

For 38-year-old Head, The Voice win means a record deal and $100,000, and an accomplishment that brought him to tears when he was joined by his three children and wife onstage. And for The Voice itself, it may mean that it’s time to stop hunting for contestants who are already famous and giving the unknown diamonds in the rough a chance to prove themselves.

[Featured Image by Trae Patton/NBCUniversal Media, LLC The Voice Images]