Zayn Malik Incredibly Romantic With Gigi Hadid, Especially When They’re Apart

Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid romantic love letters texts notes

Zayn Malik is not only the best-dressed man alive but also the most romantic boyfriend ever, according to Hollywood Life. The 23-year-old “Pillowtalk” hitmaker manages to stay connected to his girlfriend Gigi Hadid at all times, even when she’s not around.

Zayn Malik and Hadid are enjoying the peak of their popularity, and obviously, they have busy schedules. So every time either the singer or the model go abroad, they reportedly stay in touch by texting each other and exchanging photos.

And Hadid’s latest big VS Fashion Show in Paris was no exception. Zayn Malik kept showering his girl with love and affection by texting with her throughout the big show. Just because Hadid went to Paris to film the fashion show doesn’t mean the singer can’t create his own kind of “Pillowtalk” with his loved one via texting.

According to a source cited by Hollywood Life, Zayn Malik and Hadid were texting “throughout the entire taping” of the fashion show. In addition to that, the lovebirds were sending each other photos of themselves. There’s no telling if the two exchanged erotic pics with one another that night, or if they kept with sweet, romantic photos.

“The time difference didn’t stop Zayn from totally spoiling Gigi with tons of sweet and romantic messages.”

When makeup artists were dolling up Hadid before the show, the model was caught sweetly gazing at the screensaver on her phone. And the source reveals what was so special about that screensaver. As it turns out, Zayn Malik got creative and made sure his girlfriend felt completely supported during the show, so he set a photo of himself as the screensaver on her phone.

“Zayn can be very creative, and he absolutely loves the fact that Gigi has her Angel wings, considering he always refers to her as his angel.”

But Zayn Malik’s sweet gestures were far from over just yet. The source reveals that the former One Direction singer even hid some love letters in her suitcase.

“After she packs, he will secretly leave sweet love notes in her suitcase.”

That’s not the first time Zayn Malik is putting romantic things in his girlfriend’s suitcase. The source revealed that the last time Hadid went abroad, Malik put a “cute little stuffed animal” with his cologne sprayed on it so that the model could hug and kiss it while she sleeps.

Not only is Zayn Malik fantastically adorable, but also very stylish, according to the Daily Mail. In fact, he’s so stylish that he has been crowned GQ’s Best Dressed Man for 2017.

Zayn Malik has made history as the first male to receive the honor twice. The “Pillowtalk” singer was crowned as the Best Dressed Man in 2013, and this year, the singer beat actor Tom Hiddleston by winning 59 percent of the vote in GQ’s first-ever Reader’s Play-offs.

But Zayn Malik’s spot-on sense of fashion isn’t just as a result of dating supermodel Gigi Hadid (though that certainly helps). The One Direction singer has previously addressed his style in his autobiography called Zayn.

In the autobiography, Zayn Malik revealed that he had had his “individual style” ever since he was a teenager, as he used to customize his school uniform. The singer admitted that he “hated” the school uniform and the rule to wear a tie and shirt, so he came up with his own style.

“But when I sussed out that there were no rules regarding how we wore our school blazers, I would walk around the place with one arm in a sleeve, the other out, with my jacket dangling over a shoulder.”

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