Adam Levine Tattoos, What Are They And What Do They Mean?

Maroon 5 and Voice fans all want to know about Adam Levine’s tattoos and what they mean. Heartthrob Adam Levine, Victoria’s Secret supermodel wife Bahati Prinsloo, and newborn sweetheart daughter Dusty Rose have fans swooning with their adorable Instagram posts. But what fans love most about Adam Levine are his tattoos. Prinsloo and Levine even got matching tats to celebrate their wedding in 2014. The scripted his-and-hers ink states “You’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool” with Prinsloo’s delicately placed across her ribs and Levine’s printed on his bicep. As reported by the Inquisitr, the couple also got matching wedding ring tattoos.

Adam Levine and Bahati Prinsloo
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For years Adam Levine’s tattoos have been the source of speculation, analysis, and admiration. His last tattoo took six months to complete and Levine teased his more than five million Instagram followers with gradual reveals until it was completed. When Adam Levine finally shared the completed tattoo masterpiece, an intricate design of a mermaid clutching a skull and incorporating classic tattoo imagery, fans wondered if the ink had any particular meaning.

Message boards and comments sections abound with discussions about #adamlevinetattoos, what are they, and what they mean. After exhaustive research, we have the answers. Apart from the script and ring tattoos dedicated to Bahati Prinsloo, Adam Levine sports numerous meaningful tattoos, including the first one he ever got at the age of 21. In an interview with People, Adam Levine explained that the dove and cherry blossoms were created to honor the victims of 9/11.

“This was my first tattoo. I was 21. It was five days after 9/11. I felt this need to say something with this peaceful thing on my body.”

Other Adam Levine tattoos carry deep meaning as well. He has a number of tattoos dedicated to his love of animals, including a paw print and the words “Frankie Girl,” the name of Levine’s beloved Golden Retriever. The tattoo collection also includes odes to Adam Levine’s mother, his hometown of Los Angeles, and yoga which is represented by the sanskrit word tapas. In an interview with Inked, Adam Levine explained, “The meaning is a little bit loose and can get misinterpreted, but when applied to talking about yoga, it has to do with my fire or determination for the practice.”

Adam Levine tattoos
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Of course not all of Adam Levine’s tattoos are as meaningful, for example the beaded black chain inked around his neck.

“I was in Japan and I got this necklace. I’m not sure why I got it—I think I was bored. But I like it.”

Other Adam Levine tattoos include an eagle which symbolizes his life’s journey, a tiger inspired by Tibetan imagery, and a swimming shark that Levine explained to People he got because of his fascination with the animal. While fans are absolutely obsessed with one of the world’s sexiest men and his heavily tattooed frame, Adam Levine was raised Jewish, a tradition that repudiates tattooing of any kind, and his mom is not as keen on her famous son’s permanent form of self-expression. Speaking of his “Mom” tattoo, Levine mentioned that “she hates this one slightly less than the others.”

Maroon 5 is also commemorated on Adam Levine’s body, with the Roman numeral for ten symbolizing the band’s ten year anniversary and the number 222 representing the door number of the band’s first recording studio. Even if his mom doesn’t love his ink, Levine’s fans certainly do and are waiting with bated breath to see if the singer will be able to find room for more. Perhaps a new piece dedicated to baby daughter Dusty Rose? In any case, the Adam Levine tattoo collection is a true work of art recounting the singer’s incredible journey.

“Tattoos wind up being this strange road map or narrative over the years. They always remind me of this long, weird, awesome journey life has been.”

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