Lizzie Cundy Narrowly Avoids Wardrobe Malfunction As She Steps Out Braless

braless Lizzie Cundy wardrobe malfunction avoided

Lizzie Cundy stepped out in style in London on Tuesday evening to attend a celebration at Buddah bar and she almost had an epic wardrobe malfunction.

Cundy was clad in a risky giraffe print jumpsuit that had a long neckline revealing a lot of cleavage. The outfit which was slipping on one shoulder nearly gave her a wardrobe function but she narrowly avoided it. Lizzie happened to be braless that evening, a risky move considering the fact that jumpsuit exposed her cleavage and it was not fitting enough to hold tight to her skin.

At some point, while she was walking while the paparazzi took shots, the right side of her outfit slipped down her shoulder, almost exposing one of her boobs. Luckily, Cundy caught it just in time and was able to narrowly avoid the wardrobe malfunction. The 48-year-old likes making a style statement but it looks as if she almost took too much of a risk this time. She was on her way out of the Payroll party when the incident happened. Lizzie appeared surprised but was clearly happy that it things did not turn out worse.

Lizzie Cundy wardrobe malfunction

Aside from narrowly avoiding the wardrobe malfunction, Cundy was looking glamorous in the one-piece with her dark hair pulled to one side. She must have felt that her outfit did not do her justice because she was later spotted in a Khaki jumpsuit as she left the New Wimbledon Theatre in London. This time the outfit had some laces to hold the upper part together so as not to expose her boobs too much. Nevertheless, she still made sure that she had some sexiness going for her by making sure that the cleavage was visible and that it hugged her body tightly.

Cundy also had the same pink heels that she rocked while in the other jumpsuit. She also completed the look with a red and white Christmas hat. Though the giraffe print jumpsuit turned out to be quite risky, it made her the center of attention which is something that she loves. Cundy was at the party to celebrate the launch of the website which belongs to Apprentice star, Scott Saunders.

Lizzie Cundy

Prior to her wardrobe malfunction near miss, Cundy posed for numerous photos in which she looked glamorous as usual. She was all smiles and seemed to be having a good time. Other celebrities that were also present at the event include Chloe Goodman and her sisters Amelia and Lauryn. Chloe was clad in a baby pink dress and she matched it with a suede coat of the same color and her curly hair was pushed to one side. She completed the look with very beautiful shoes to go with the dress.

Chloe’s sister Lauryn also looked ravishing in a beautiful black dress with some flowers imprinted on the chest. She also had a black choker to match the dress and a pair of black gladiator-style heels to complete the look. Amelia, on the other hand, wore a pair of jean shorts, fishnet tights, a t-shirt, and a pair of boots. Also present at the event was Selina Waterman-Smith who was also a former Apprentice star and had been very competitive during her time at the show. The 32-year-old showed off her incredible curves in a dress that was see-through from the waist down. Rodrigo Alves was also present at the party and he was clad in a black suit and covered up with a red jacket.

Fortunately, the event went well and there was no report of anyone going through a wardrobe malfunction. Well, except for Cundy with her jumpsuit though she avoided the wardrobe malfunction like a champ.

[Featured Image by Grant Pollard/AP Images]