Victoria’s Secret Model Josephine Skriver Goes Topless During Shoot In Miami

Victoria's Secret angel Josephine Skriver goes topless in Miami

Victoria’s Secret model Josephine went topless during a shoot that took place in Miami, Florida thus revealing her impressive features.

The Victoria’s Secret model put on quite a show for the shoot. Skriver was at a lingerie shoot in Miami where she was among a few other models that were also part of the shoot including Lais Ribeiro and Taylor Hills. The shoot was oozing with sexiness as the models strutted their stuff but it became even more intense when Josephine took off her bra for the shoot.

A few photos that were not part of the shoot revealed Skriver without a top, though she covered her breasts with one of her hands. However, covering them with the hand barely did the entire job, thus the photos gave a huge glimpse at a lot of side boob and underboob. She only wore black panties in some of the photos, thus giving the camera a good look at her beautiful skin and sexy long legs. In one of the photos, she faced away from the camera, thus bearing her pert derriere.

Josephine Skriver

The 23-year-old model did what she did best as the shoot went on but thankfully, the topless photos were a great treat for her fans. Though she covered her chest with her hands, at least it allowed space for some imagination. Skriver later ditched her topless look and went for a white vest and a pair of skimpy white shorts. She later slipped into some sexy underwear including a white bra.

Skriver’s fellow Victoria’s Secret models also showcased their sexiness for the camera. Hills and Ribeiro were also seen posing together in another photo in which they were clad in white lingerie and later switched to blue-colored undies. They paraded their tight toned bodies for the cameras, also revealing their spectacular curves. They put on different colored lingerie for the shoot and in another photo, Lais is seen in laced gray lingerie. The Brazilian beauty was also not afraid to show off her curves and she did her best for the shoot to produce images that were nothing short of glorious.

Josephine Skriver goes topless in Miami

Lais posed alone on a different photo, but this time she was behind a palm tree. She posed in such a sexy manner that one would think she could make almost any background appear sexy. The only way she would have made it even sexier was if she posed topless, but unfortunately, that did not happen. Perhaps maybe in the future if she will be comfortable with that. Most models have shied off from nude shoots or shoots in which they are required to appear topless though others are completely comfortable with it.

Hills’ solo photos for the shoot were equally sexy. In one of the photos, the model was clad in lacy blue lingerie and appeared to be playing with her hair. The shoot revealed her stunning figure, which was complete with sexy long legs, sun-kissed skin, beautiful curves and a very flat tummy that is probably the envy of many.

After the shoot, Hills wore a pair of blue jean shorts and was seen walking next to a palm tree while smiling, perhaps because of the satisfaction of knowing that she had just completed another successful shoot. The three Victoria’s Secret models performed the shoot so effortlessly. This is the latest shoot to be revealed after a group of other Victoria’s Secret models were seen in the Bahamas presumably on what was described to be a trip for a secret shoot in one of the private islands in the Caribbean.

The Miami shoot was a success but it’s easy to say that Skriver was the highlight of the shoot because of her topless shoot.

[Featured Image by Francois Mori/AP Images]