Seth Rollins Vs. Triple H At ‘Royal Rumble’ To Set Up ‘WrestleMania 33’ Title Shot Against Kevin Owens

All eyes seem to be directed at Roman Reigns as he takes on Kevin Owens at WWE Roadblock. But if Seth Rollins can flip the script, the WWE may take on a different route with the current Universal Championship story line. There are rumblings that Seth Rollins and his involvement at WWE Roadblock will set off a chain of events that could land him a possible title shot at WrestleMania 33 against Kevin Owens.

According to Forbes, Seth Rollins’ sudden babyface turn is still a bit clunky. But this is not entirely Seth Rollins’ fault because as the same article suggests, the WWE is still putting Seth Rollins as a second option to Roman Reigns.

Not surprisingly, as the company seems really adamant to shove down Roman Reigns down fan’s throats as much as they could. But if the company still does not get the reaction that they want from fans regarding Roman Reigns after WWE Roadblock, then the company already has a Plan B in store to push Seth Rollins into the spotlight.

The way the WWE could go about this is by looking at the match between Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins at Roadblock. If the match does go on and become a classic, then the WWE will proceed from there. There is absolutely no reason for this match not to end up good as Chris Jericho is actually doing some of his best work now with his heel persona and Seth Rollins is actually becoming a good enough babyface. Both Seth Rollins and Jericho will figure to get into a good match ring-wise as they both have a good grasp of technical wrestling.


By contrast, Kevin Owens who is a fantastic entertainer and wrestler will probably have a harder time carrying a much inferior Roman Reigns in the main event. Certainly, polls like this one on 411 Wrestling, indicate that fans are not overwhelmingly keen on seeing Reigns as a double champion after RoadBlock.

If fans receive the Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho match well, then it could set off a potential blockbuster match with Triple H at the Royal Rumble. For some reason, this angle has been put off for a while since it was Triple H who caused Seth Rollins to turn babyface in the first place.

A good guess is that Triple H is still looking if Seth Rollins can be an efficient babyface. Or a good guess is that Triple H was just concerned that the feud with Rollins could over marinate since “The Game” would probably only wrestle at events like WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble. Once people start buzzing over the Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins match, they can start the classic mentor vs. student rivalry which will culminate in a match between Rollins and Tripe H at the Royal Rumble.

If everything goes well for Seth Rollins, he and Triple H can set up a classic at the Royal Rumble. This can then be his chance to go on top again with a match at Wrestlemania 33 with Kevin Owens for the championship. This has more potential to be bigger than another Reigns vs. Owens match if the conditions are properly met. The truth is, Seth Rollins has far more mic and in ring skills than Reigns and it will only be a matter of time before Rollins can finally settle in that babyface role.

The problem as of now is that Seth Rollins is still being portrayed as a self-entitled and whiny babyface that fans are just having a hard time getting behind. But a blockbuster match with Jericho and the legendary Triple H could push Seth Rollins way in front of the line. Whatever the case may be, the WWE will sure have a lot of options with Seth Rollins come WrestleMania time.

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