Carmen Porter’s Facebook Gone After Attack At Las Vegas Roberto’s Taco Shop By Man Yelling Racial Slur [Graphic Video]

As seen in the below graphic video, Carmen Porter suffered a beating with a yellow “wet floor” sign after Carmen said she responded to the man seen in the video. According to Porter, the man was inside of Roberto’s Taco Shop in Las Vegas yelling racial slurs while Carmen was in the drive-thru. Carmen believed the racial slurs were directed at her — so instead of pulling away like she first intended, Carmen said she got out of her car at the Mexican restaurant near Russell Road and Boulder Highway, and asked the man what he said. Porter reported to KTNV in the below video that the man continued to yell racial slurs as he hit her both inside and outside of the taco shop with the “wet floor” sign.

Warning: The below video showing Porter being beaten contains graphic and disturbing footage.

According to KTNV, Porter visited the taco shop after her early morning shift ended in the wee hours of Monday morning, on December 12. Carmen reported that as she was leaving, the man yelled some kind of racial slur that forced her to consider leaving and driving away — but Porter said that a larger part of her wanted to come face to face with the man hurling the racial slur.

Therefore, Carmen parked her car and went inside to speak to the man — but that’s where Porter said things turned violent. In the first part of the video, it is hard to see Porter, but it is clearly seen when the man picks up the “wet floor” sign and begins using it as a weapon at the front door.

“I asked him, ‘What did you just say to me?’ and [he] began shouting and saying ‘It is called freedom of speech. You heard me.'”

What’s shocking to plenty of viewers is the way the man who has grabbed the sign continually comes back to the counter to seemingly complete his order of food. However, he wasn’t done attacking Porter, Carmen reported. Instead, outside footage of the incident shows Carmen on the ground as the man continues to swing the “wet floor” sign and beat Porter with it as a makeshift weapon.

[Image by Bree Fowler/AP Images]

Porter reported that her phone was covered in blood after the beating. The video shows the man’s friend getting his friend’s food whilst inside the eatery. It was footage that made Porter very angry and hurt when Carmen witnessed the surveillance video. As the attack shifted to the security footage outside the eatery, Carmen reported falling to the rocks on her knees — but said her attacker kept hitting her with the sign relentlessly.

[Image by Melissa d'Arabian/AP Images]

Eventually, the footage shows the attacker being pulled away by another man — a guy who shuttled the attacker into a car, instead of holding him there for police. That’s why the hunt is on for the man who attacked with the “wet floor” sign and allegedly hurled racial slurs at Carmen. Meanwhile, Porter did not want to show her face on camera in the above video, due to the fact that Carmen has 15 stitches from the attack — stitches that have caused not only physical pain but emotional scarring from the attack as well.

“Just the derogatory terms he was throwing at me with each whack. Makes me extremely angry.”

Porter’s plight has caused a big response in the comments section of the KTNV Channel 13 Action News Facebook post with the harrowing video. Some of those commenting on Carmen’s viral and violent video attack report that Porter made a statement on her own Facebook page about the attack. However, that Facebook page was not readily findable or has been hidden or removed. Meanwhile, Porter’s attacker is being sought by authorities.

[Featured Image by YouTube/KTNV]