If You Like ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ You’ll Love ‘Offspring’ On Netflix Even More

Asher Keddie At Awards Ceremony

Each month there are new offerings on Netflix, and in the category of “Recently Added,” there always tends to be a few things most of us have never heard of. When choosing to watch something new, it is natural to gravitate to the familiar, or something we read about somewhere along the way. But every once in awhile, we feel adventurous, check out something in the great unknown, and score big. And this score is Offspring, which isn’t new, but it’s new to the U.S. Simply put, it’s Grey’s Anatomy with a better sense of humor, similar ties that bind (and occasionally gag), and an Australian accent. And ladies, like Grey’s, there is no lack of eye candy.

With the vast offerings in the U.S., it’s easy to forget that most countries outside of North America have their own television series, and many of these are repackaged to better suit the American palate. But some shows remain little gems that are snapshots of daily life elsewhere, like the show Dr. Foster which is new on Netflix also, says the Inquisitr. Dr. Foster brings the suspense and intrigue of a woman who is trying to walk that fine line between insanity, jealousy, and suspicion. Season 2 of Dr. Foster is currently being shot around England, and it promises to continue the cat and mouse game.

The Beacon suggests that Offspring, now on Netflix, is one of those shows that you can use to get your binge on. Like Grey’s Anatomy, much of Offspring takes place in a hospital, because Dr. Nina Proudman spends a great deal of time delivering babies, and when she isn’t in the hospital, she is on-call. And then there is her family, who have issues with boundaries. And like Meredith Grey, a good amount of dialogue goes on in the head of Nina Proudman.


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And Offspring doesn’t slowly ease you into Nina’s crazy life; it throws you into the deep end, where you quickly get to meet her well-meaning but overly involved family. You also get to see why Nina has a bit of an issue with anxiety, and the need to expect the unexpected. The acting on Offspring is engaging, and the characters are believable, and quickly, you will appreciate that there are five seasons of Offspring on Netflix, with a sixth on its way. In the same way you continue to root for Meredith Grey, viewers tend to be firmly on #TeamNina.

The Saturday Paper calls Offspring “The Best Australian Drama,” but that compliment somewhat misses the mark, as the show is often really funny. The entire cast has some serious acting chops, but they deliver the humor, and no matter how many times they crash and burn, they are still likable. But most of all, the writing on Offspring is clever and generally unpredictable.

The review hits the mark in saying that you don’t want to be the women in this series, but you might just like to be friends with them, maybe hang out, have a few drinks. Asher Keddie, who plays Nina, is pretty and fit, but she can also embody a hot mess like nobody’s business, and she can make awkward an art form. And more than anything, even though it seems that Murphy’s law is always alive and well in Nina’s life, she remains optimistic.

Offspring is more than worth the time, but it’s easy to get sucked in before you know it, as Australia has given the world a more likable Dr. Meredith Grey.

Have you watched Offspring? What did you think?

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