Madam Siri: iPhone Helps People Find Prostitutes In China

Todd Rigney

Need to find a prostitute in China? Siri can allegedly assist prospective customers in their quest for carnal satisfaction. According to Kotaku, Chinese officials are a little concerned that people can easily find hookers with the touch of a button on their mobile phone.

Once Siri debuted in the Chinese market, citizens were eager to put the service to good use. Before long, Siri began directing certain individuals looking for a little hanky panky to nearby businesses that could satisfy their needs. Not surprisingly, some people aren't too thrilled with Siri's uncanny ability to locate brothels and prostitutes for would-be johns.

China Daily reports that Siri's ability to point people to these illegal operations could land Apple in a bit of hot water as it poses a risk to children. While the company may not be breaking any laws at the moment, this might change in the near future.

"We can only believe the information on Siri is accurate and actually points to sex services, this has not been confirmed by the police," a Beijing-based lawyer explained. "However, the 'prostitution' addresses on Siri have affected the public order and had a negative influence. In other words, it has the potential of disobeying rules if the software cannot be improved."

When China Daily reached out to Apple regarding Siri's ability to locate hookers and brothels, a customer service representative explained that the company doesn't currently have the ability to filter the content and information it provides. As such, the only way to protect children from Siri's revelations is to delete the service from the phone itself. reports that not all of the venues listed by Siri as providing sexual services actually offered anything illegal to customers. This too could be a problem for Apple down the road.

"If the prostitution places on Siri are correct, Apple may be suspected of disseminating distasteful information. And if the information is confirmed wrong, the company could be involved in libeling entertainment venues," a laywer for the Huicheng Law Firm explained.

Do you think Apple should be held responsible for the information Siri provides? Would you be alarmed if Siri found prostitutes or brothels near your home?