Minor Earthquake Hits Los Angeles, No Damage Reported

Los Angeles, CA – A minor earthquake rattled Los Angeles on Sunday, seismologists at the US Geological Survey have confirmed.

The magnitude-3.9 quake caused buildings to shake in downtown Los Angeles, but a sheriff’s dispatcher in Santa Clarita said no reports of injury or damage had surfaced.

The epicenter of the minor quake in Los Angeles was located about five miles east-southeast of Santa Clarita and approximately 24 miles north-northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Indeed, it’s likely that many people slept through the relatively gentle rumbling, especially as the US Geological Survey confirmed the earthquake struck at 8:24 am on Sunday morning.

Seismologists placed the quake’s preliminary magnitude at 3.9, and the quake was followed by numerous smaller aftershocks.

Minor earthquakes in Los Angeles are a somewhat regular occurrence. Similarly small quakes took place earlier this year, in August and April respectively.

Some seismologists have predicted that the series of gentler quakes could lead to a magnitiude-7 monster hitting the Los Angeles region, though such a disaster has yet to strike.

Were you in the Los Angeles area on Sunday morning when the latest quake made its presence felt? Did you feel the earth move, or did you sleep soundly through the shaking? Let us know in the comments!