Kirk Frost Cheated On Rasheeda, Made A Baby, And The Other Woman Will Be On Season 6 Of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ [Rumors]

Kirk Frost finally made a storyline for himself and wife Rasheeda on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Kirk recently made news for cheating on Rasheeda again and this time the rumor mill claims that his philandering produced a new baby. To make things even more dramatic, Funky Dineva reports that Kirk, Rasheeda, and his new baby mama will all be on Season 6 of LHHATL.

Kirk’s new baby is 4-months old now, according to recent reports. They say that VH1 cameras were on hand when Rasheeda found out that Kirk not only cheated on her again but that he also got the woman pregnant. Naturally, Rasheeda is said to be pretty angry at Kirk for stepping out on her again, especially after all the drama he caused when cameras were rolling a few seasons back when he made his way to the bedroom after getting frisky in a hot tub full of women with his friend Benzino.

Even Funky Dineva claims that the Kirk Frost baby rumor might not be real because, after all, this is Love & Hip Hop. The show has been plagued recently with fake storylines and over-the-top antics to stay on top of ratings and keep making seasons. Not to mention that Kirk and Rasheeda have been rehashing that old cheating storyline for a while now and tried to muster up some drama last season.

It turns out that no one really cared if Kirk had an apartment that he called an office and regularly invited other women there under the guise that they were his artists. Maybe that’s how this whole new baby drama started? Either way, fans of LHHATL will be treated to another Kirk and Rasheeda cheating storyline except this time there is a baby involved.

So far, the rumors have not been substantiated, and Funky Dineva isn’t giving up the source. That, in itself, makes the whole thing incredibly questionable. It was pointed out that filming started for the ratchet reality show about two months ago. That would be right in time for cameras to catch Rasheeda’s reaction to the whole cheating and baby scandal if that is what really happened.

Part of the reason it’s hard to believe that Kirk Frost cheated on Rasheeda and fathered another kid stems from the fact that know one seems to know who this other woman is. If Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cameras are rolling and Kirk’s other woman is filming, it seems that some information would be leaked about her identity by now and that has not happened yet.

Another thing to consider is that Kirk Frost’s Instagram is littered with pictures of Rasheeda. The LHHATL star couldn’t look more in love with his wife right now, and that could be a double-edged sword. Is Kirk really that into Rasheeda or is he posting pictures of her on social media in a desperate attempt to make amends after causing her more stress with yet another cheating scandal? Which reason do you think is behind Kirk posting multiple pictures of Rasheeda on Instagram but none of them as a couple?

This latest drama really seems like a repeat of what Kirk and Rasheeda have already been through on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. However, rumors that the couple has been fired from the show crop up after every season and this just might be their bid to stay relevant enough to continue filming. Do you think this story about Kirk Frost cheating is true or is it just another LHHATL storyline?

[Featured Image by Kirk Frost/Rasheeda Frost/Instagram]