Adam Campbell Returns To ‘NCIS’ Season 14 For Holiday-Themed Episode [Video]

'NCIS' Season 14 Will See A Young Ducky Again In The Holiday-Themed Winter Finale Episode

Those who were waiting for Adam Campbell to return as his role of young Ducky will get to see him in NCIS Season 14 this week. The holiday-themed episode will involve flashbacks for the resident medical examiner as he is connected to the murder of a man.

There are sneak peeks of Tuesday night’s NCIS episode, with one of those showing Ducky finding out that the address the dead man has in his wallet is one where he used to live. Of course, this leads to flashbacks and includes some connections to Ducky’s late mother. The plot thickens when the dead man had a ride-share account that had been infected with a worm, meaning that the ride-share request was intercepted by someone else.

Quinn immediately brings up the idea that there is a coincidence in Ducky knowing the victim, but Gibbs doesn’t believe in coincidences. He knows that there is something else at play and they all need to get to the bottom of it.

The flashbacks allow for Campbell to reprise the role as young Ducky in this week’s NCIS Season 14 episode. He was last seen a year ago but made his first appearance two years ago in a flashback episode. Campbell does have a striking resemblance to a young David McCallum, whose image has been used throughout NCIS in photos around the home that Ducky shared with his late mother.

According to CBS, the link to Ducky’s previous address will make Ducky reflect back on something that happened 37 years ago. He will reflect on decisions he made, which may link to the victim in dangerous or dark circumstances. It turns out that the victim last made a call to Balthazar Kilmeany, who turns out to be Ducky’s late mother’s fiance. In the sneak peek, we see that Ducky is so startled by the name he drops his tissue samples. Instantly, we’re intrigued to find out more about this man and the connection.

This isn’t just an episode about young Ducky, although it does heavily feature him. This is NCIS Season 14’s Christmas episode and will feature gift giving around the team. Agent Fornell will also make a reappearance, as he and Gibbs have Christmas dinner together. Fornell was last seen at Gibbs’ house in Episode 3 of the recent season.

Fans will remember that Fornell was shot in the NCIS Season 13 finale and left for dead. He was saved and is making a recovering under Gibbs’ roof.

The rivalry between Torres and Reeves will continue into Tuesday night’s episode. This week will see arm-wrestling, as the two battle it out for the best agent. This is just a friendly rival, especially now that Reeves has been given a permanent place in the U.S. NCIS team.

NCIS fans will be happy to see more of Ducky in the Season 14 midseason finale. Many have complained about the lack of McCallum, as the focus has been on integrating the new members. While the team lost one member in the Season 13 finale, it has gained three new members. It means the screen time has to be cut for the original characters, and so far Ducky and Abby have faced the brunt of that decision.

“Ties That Bind” is Episode 10 of NCIS Season 14. It is both the winter finale and the Christmas-themed episode of the season. While there are questions about the future of the show, right now fans are looking forward to Campbell’s reprisal of the young Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard.

Are you looking forward to the winter finale of NCIS Season 14 and Campbell’s appearance? Share what your hopes for the episode are in the comments below.

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