Raven Gates, 'The Bachelor': Learn More About Contestant Who Catches Nick Viall's Eye

Raven Gates will appear on The Bachelor 2017 season with Nick Viall, and the brunette does a good job of catching Nick's eye, claims the ultimate Bachelor spoilers source, Reality Steve. Fans will learn a lot about Raven when the show airs, but some information has already been uncovered about this contestant who's said to go far in the show.

Raven Gates, The Bachelor 2017
Raven Gates meets Nick Viall on the first episode of The Bachelor [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC].

The Bachelor 2017 contestant is a 26-year-old from Hoxie, Arkansas who owns a fashion boutique called Grey Suede. Raven Gates confesses in her bio on ABC that she's a "terrible" cook and loves to use "cheap" hair products. Standing at 5-foot-6-inches, this woman on Nick Viall's cast isn't afraid of getting older, but won't rule out plastic surgery someday. She insists the work will be "tastefully done."

When asked what her favorite movies are, Raven Gates said she likes Uptown Girls, Bridesmaids, and Step Brothers.

If she had her choice to be anyone else, The Bachelor contestant said she'd love to Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy. She thinks it would be quite the experience to be the daughter of this music super couple.

Who's Raven Gates' favorite actor or actress? The fashionista said she loved Brittany Murphy when she was alive.

If she could be any fictional character, Gates would like to be Jasmine from the Disney film, Aladdin.

"That hair and a pet tiger!"

Gates was asked about the most romantic gesture she's ever received and why.

"A diamond necklace and roses left on my car. I didn't even care if they were diamonds," Raven said. "I just never had a man buy me anything before. So thoughtful!"

Maybe Raven Gates will have that and more when she connects with Nick Viall on The Bachelor!

Early in the season, Nick and Raven went on a date in Waukesha, Wisconsin on October 8 where they attended a soccer game that Nick's sister, Bella, was playing in. Afterward, they went Skateland with the team, and several photos were posted on social media.

Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, named Raven Gates as one of the women to watch in Nick Viall's season, according to Yahoo TV.

"Raven is a professional woman but from a small town. She is from Arkansas and went to the University of Arkansas. She is a very straight-shooting, no-nonsense Southern belle. She has a very sweet quality to her, and she is friendly to everyone, but she is sharp as a tack and will not be walked all over," Harrison said. "I dare you to underestimate her. Some of the girls will learn that lesson. She is around fashion and clothes as a boutique owner. She is always 'put together' and dreams of the big country wedding. She does fit that stereotype. She is very kind, loving, and sweet, and Nick finds that very attractive. He very much enjoys being comforted by her. She is that girl who makes him forget and relax and takes him away from all the nonsense in the house, and that girl is always someone you have to watch out for on The Bachelor."

Raven Gates, The Bachelor Contestant
Raven Gates [Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]

The Bachelor 2017 contestant is back to being active on her Facebook account. She went back to posting once the official cast list by ABC was released. Someone made a comment about Nick's reputation and hoped that he "redeemed" himself in the upcoming season. Raven reassured that person that she found Nick to be a great guy during filming.

"I think you'll find him to be a wonderful person! At least I did!" she wrote.

Raven also said that Nick is "even better looking" in person.

Will Raven Gates be the woman Nick Viall picks in the end? For the answer to that and other spoilers, it can be found in The Inquisitr article, "The Bachelor 2017 Ending: Who Nick Picks And Other Major Spoilers."

The Bachelor returns to ABC on Monday, January 2 at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

[Featured Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]