New Obama Slogan: They've Added An Exclamation Mark

Chris Greenhough

Nashua, NH - The new Obama slogan isn't exactly what you'd call heavily revamped from the old Obama slogan.

Previously, supporters of the president could wave banners and placards declaring, 'Forward' (see above). Now, with under ten days to go until election day, the signs read, 'Forward!'

That exclamation mark was added by the president's campaign team earlier this week and is presumably designed to whip up Obama supporters into a voting frenzy.

The new Obama slogan arrived just in time for a 40-hour campaign marathon by the president, who was set to blitz key battleground states over the weekend.

Obama spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said the campaign had boosted the slogan in a bid to reflect "the stakes in this election and energy at our events."

Furthermore, the pumped-up punctuation will now remain in place for the rest of the campign. It made an appearance in New Hampshire over the weekend as a crowd of 6,000 turned up at an Obama rally.

Here's the sign in "action":

New Obama Slogan - They've Added An Exclamation Mark 1

When the more stoic "Forward" slogan was first rolled out in April, some media outlets noted how the word had a historic link with socialism and Marxism. Predictably, this led to much hysterical screeching about how this obviously meant Obama was the new Chairman Mao or something.

Although a punctuation mark is unlikely to change the minds of many GOP voters, it may succeed in firing up those who intend to vote for the president. Democrat voters, does the new Obama slogan fill you with a near-pathological urge to go vote for your man?