Kate Middleton Had A Connection To Royal Family Long Before Her Romance With Prince William Began, Find Out How

Met Philip long before William

Although Kate Middleton is known to have been of a common upbringing prior to meeting and being courted by the future King of England, the beauty actually had a connection to the royal family long before ever making William’s acquaintance.

It was when now 34-year-old Kate was in high school that she had to brave sopping wet elements to receive an award from Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award. The now-Duchess was expected to prepare a meal in the rain before she was able to take the honor home.

Hello! shares Kate’s words about the experience as she remembers it from so many years ago, within the new documentary When Philip Met Prince Philip: 60 Years of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

“I can remember trying to cook bacon in the soaking wet. Everything was just sopping and I was trying and trying to cook bacon. I remember saying you know what, ‘I think we’re just going to have plain sandwiches. Bread, basic bread and butter.'”

The achievement award was set up in 1956 by the Duke and was designed to motivate young people to push themselves physically for the purpose of finding “personal discovery and self-reliance.” All proceeds that are raised by way of this initiative go toward the DofE Charity, which assists young people living in disadvantaged situations.

Kate is one of a few members of the royals who are set to appear in the documentary which airs on ITV1 on Monday at 9 p.m. The film reveals the work that has been done via the well-known charity, and Philip Schofield celebrates the 60th anniversary of the award by interviewing the royals.

The This Morning host attended a number of major events over the course of a year’s time and spoke to royal family members. Such members include The Earl and the Countess of Wessex, as well as Philip.

In a clip, the host comments about the interview given by Prince Philip.

“He is as sharp as a pin. Philip noted in a teaser clip. There was no question, more so than any interview that I’ve ever done in my life, I was just thinking: one false move, one wrong word and he is going to be on me like a terrier.”

Philip was also compared to James Bond in an interview given by Joanna Lumley, as the publication relays.

“I think he is an extraordinary character,” she said. “He rides, sails, drives horses, fishes and swims and does stuff. He really could have been James Bond, actually. And he was a naval commander as well, like Commander Bond. He is good fun to be around but he is quite shy. I think sometimes at some huge event I have seen him say, ‘Oh God I have to do that.’ But then he puts his head up, chin out and goes and does it.”

The royals are also preparing for holiday festivities in the upcoming weeks. Kate Middleton and Prince William will be enjoying the usual festivities, including the annual lunch put on by Queen Elizabeth and a Christmas Day traditional visit to Sandringham with the rest of the royals.

Prince Harry now has a new love, Suits actress Meghan Markle, but it is unclear as to how the new couple will be spending their holidays, Experts state that it is too soon for Markle to be a part of the royal Holiday festivities, yet Vanity Fair relays details about possible holiday time options for the couple in a humorous and creative manner.

“Whether they spend a week holed up in London trying out various recipes from Markle’s lifestyle blog (“Harry, this one uses radishes instead of butter! I think you’ll really like it!”) or jet to Mykonos to windsurf (“Babe, watch me do a flip”), the question remains as to how the pair—and the Palace—decide to treat the relationship publicly.”

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