‘Dance Moms’ Cancellation Buzz Swirls After Abby Lee Miller’s Instagram Post Raises Questions, Is The Show Really Over? [Updated]

'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller

Fans are buzzing over speculation that Lifetime has canceled Dance Moms after some recent Instagram posts from show star Abby Lee Miller. This is not the first time that the series has been rumored to have been canceled, but there are definitely signs adding up that this may finally be the end. What’s the scoop?

Chatter regarding a Dance Moms cancellation started again this week after Abby Lee Miller posted a video to Instagram of the elite team girls and talked about how she gave five years of her life to seven seasons and did her best for Lifetime and the production company. She added a thank you for the valuable lessons and wonderful opportunities she had with the show and tagged Nia Frazier, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, Camryn Bridges, choreographer Gianna Martello, and hair and make-up artist Diana Kaz.

The post definitely has the feel of being a final farewell, and many of the Dance Moms star’s followers asked if this was a sign that the series was over and officially canceled. The post garnered more than 520,000 “likes” in about a day and more than 1,000 comments. While that post was a positive one reflecting on her experience with the show, Miller also put out a less positive note in a subsequent post.

'Dance Moms' star Nia Frazier

Abby posted a photo related to a flight with United and said that Collins Avenue Production Company is the worst and that someone stinks at their job. Collins is the production company behind Dance Moms, and some might figure that to dog on them publicly like that might be another sign that she won’t be working with them any longer and that the show’s been canceled.

Miller’s newest post shows her with a team of people in front of a sign for Amazon, noting that she’s excited about the future and can’t wait to share the news. It is definitely related to the Abby Lee Dance Company, and she added tags referencing Abby Lee apparel, the Los Angeles school location, and an ALDC holiday tour.

At the very least, there certainly seem to be signs pointing toward Miller wrapping up her time with the Lifetime series. Abby Lee is dealing with legal issues right now and faces sentencing in her fraud case on January 20, 2017, notes Radar Online. After numerous postponements, the Dance Moms star agreed to a plea deal and could end up spending some time behind bars. Some have wondered if the show might manage to go on without her, but there is additional speculation that the series may be wrapping up for good at the end of Season 7.

As the Instagram account @dancemomofficialspoilers details, Chloe Lukasiak and her mom Christi Lukasiak were spotted at a recent Dance Moms competition. The information originally came from the @maddiezupdate Instagram page, and fans of the series know that both of those accounts are quite reliable and get great scoops. The buzz is that Chloe and Christi were hidden in the dressing room and that they’ll be appearing in an upcoming episode as a surprise.

Former 'Dance Moms' star Chloe Lukasiak

As Dance Moms viewers know, the Lukasiak family left a few seasons back after an intense confrontation with Abby, and fans have missed them and wished there had been closure with their departure. Miller was quite outspoken in a negative way about them after they left, so it would be fairly shocking to see them back in any capacity. However, if indeed Dance Moms was canceled, it’s viable to see how this might have been put together as an opportunity for the fans to see Chloe on the show once more.

Perhaps even crazier about the Chloe and Christi situation is that the rumor apparently is that the Lukasiaks were back to participate in the last episode of Dance Moms, and Chloe even gets the last line of that last show. That would definitely come as a shocker and seems rather unlikely considering all of the drama that has taken place, but it does add to the speculation that something significant is happening as filming seemingly wraps.

Is this really the end of the series featuring Abby Lee Miller, Nia Frazier, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, and the rest of the dancers? The series has seen major departures, including when Paige Hyland, her sister Brooke, and their mom, Kelly, left, along with the Lukasiaks and the end of Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler’s time with the series. However, viewers still love to tune in every week and will definitely be disappointed if indeed Lifetime canceled Dance Moms.

JoJo Siwa was in the mix for a while, but she’s wrapped up her stint dancing for the Lifetime series as well, and it may well be time that Dance Moms is canceled and everybody moves on to other projects. Stay tuned for official confirmation as this all plays out to see if these rumors sprouting from Abby Lee Miller’s latest social media posts pan out to be accurate.

Update: Radar Online indicates that it has spoken to Brynn Rumfallo’s mom Ashlee about the Dance Moms cancellations rumors. She states that there has been no definitive decision made one way or the other yet. She notes that those with the show are working through some things and are trying to decide what comes next, and many would think that holding off on a decision until Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing is done makes some sense.. Rumfallo said that nobody knows the show’s fate at this point.

Interestingly, however, it seems that Gianna, Kalani, and Kendall have all made comments via Instagram posts indicating that things have wrapped with the show. Of course, that could refer to Season 7 being a wrap, but given all of the rumors of a Dance Moms cancellation, the comments certainly sound rather definitive. Do you think the show can find a way to keep going, or is it time for it to end?

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