Jenelle Evans Slams Nathan’s Parenting: ‘Fatherhood Requires Love, Not DNA’

Jenelle Evans is gearing up to become a mother once again as she’s expecting to give birth to a baby girl this January. This will be the first baby girl for Evans, who has two sons from previous relationships. But it doesn’t sound like people think that this relationship with David Eason will last in the long run. For a long time, Jenelle has tried to convince her fans and Twitter followers that every new boyfriend is the one for her. And when she decided to have a son with Nathan Griffith, some people thought it was meant to be. Others were surprised and thought she was moving too fast. And it sounds like they were right as they are now fighting over custody.

According to a new Instagram, Jenelle Evans revealed that David Eason is much more of a father to Kaiser than Nathan is. Of course, there are mixed stories and rumors circulating on the internet about their relationship. While Jenelle keeps claiming that Nathan isn’t a great father because of his arrests, his behavior, and his lack of engagement with his son, Griffith keeps saying that she’s keeping his son away from. And this week, Evans decided to throw yet another dig at her ex-boyfriend by saying that David is a much better father to Kaiser than Nathan is to his own son.

“Fatherhood requires love, not DNA,” Jenelle Evans wrote on Instagram, sharing a picture of David reading a book to Kaiser, hinting that Eason loves her son Kaiser more than Nathan loves his own son.

Of course, Nathan didn’t reply to the picture as he isn’t as active on social media as Jenelle Evans is. But it sounds like some people don’t believe that Nathan would willingly stay away from his own child. Many Teen Mom 2 viewers believe that Griffith should see his own son.

“She loves rubbing this in Nathan’s face! This guy is a serious creep! He really thinks he’s Kai’s dad! She does this with everything guy she is with…..has them play daddy. She’s done it with Jace, soooo many times. This guy wasn’t even around a full year and she’s giving him authority to tell Nathan when he can see Kaiser (Nathan’s biological son! NOT Dave’s) this guy can’t even have contact with his OWN son! Igh, she makes me so mad,” another person wrote, sharing that Jenelle is often changing her boyfriends, which is confusing to her oldest son, Jace.

On the other hand, some people stand behind Evans because of Nathan’s behavior. He recently made headlines for supposedly choking a girlfriend. Plus, he admitted to cheating on Jenelle while they were filming Teen Mom 2, and Evans was left in tears. Some people believe that she’s much better off with Eason.

“So many people are quick to judge, I’ll admit when I first watched you on 16 and pregnant and teen mom I had my opinions but you honestly had matured and turned your life around majorly and that’s incredible, you’re kids are so lucky and I hope this is it for you guys, everything all works out, no more drama and you can just enjoy your life, being loved like you have always wanted and deserved too and just have an amazing life! Best revenge on the haters! Oh and btw you look amazing pregnant! You’re flowing!” one person wrote to Jenelle Evans, celebrating how far she has come since filming Teen Mom 2 and 16 & Pregnant.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ comment about David being a better father than Nathan? Do you think she will use this in court to keep primary custody of Kaiser?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]