Katie Maloney Slams Lala Kent For Sharing Personal Information On ‘Pump Rules’

Katie Maloney isn’t too happy with Lala Kent these days, as Lala and James Kennedy made Katie feel horrible about her body when the new season of Vanderpump Rules started this year. For a while, Kent and Kennedy were criticized for fat-shaming Katie because she had gained some weight over the summer, and Maloney fought back rather than let Kent and Kennedy make a fool of themselves. And sadly, her reaction hasn’t slowed down Kent whatsoever, as she recently opened up about how she will say whatever she wants about her co-stars.

According to a new tweet, Katie Maloney is now revealing that Kent has crossed the line with her, as she started talking about Scheana Shay’s family on Vanderpump Rules. While some of the stars have brought their families on the show before, none of them would say anything mean about them. But Kent didn’t hold back, and now Maloney is slamming her co-star for her behavior, saying that she’s downright disgusting.

“Lala bringing up Scheana Marie parents is not cool #PumpRules,” one fan wrote to Scheana after watching Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

“That was disgusting!” Scheana replied to the fan, and Katie Maloney chimed in with, “family is off limits. At least we have enough class to not go there. Desperate times for some!”

During the episode, Kent joked that she did break up a marriage, and she said thanks to Shay’s father and apologized to her mother. Of course, this seems to be yet another thing that Katie Maloney and her friends can hold against Kent. It’s odd to think that these ladies were once friends and got along well since they can barely stand to be in the same room with one another. While Tom Schwartz just wants Katie to be cordial with her co-star, Maloney is driven by Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, who are desperate to be dramatic and make a scene when it comes to their feelings.

Last night’s drama resulted in Katie Maloney having to defend people from Utah, her home state. And while Maloney may have written the tweet with good intentions, it sounds like people from Utah want nothing to do with her bad behavior. They aren’t exactly proud of the way she has handled the drama and became the mean person along with Stassi and Kristen.

“I promise us, who are from Utah are actually fantastic people. I will not let one embarrassment speak for the rest of us. We are solid,” Katie Maloney revealed later on during the episode, to which people had plenty of opinions, as Katie has been labeled the mean girl of the season.

“You are NOT a nice person though. People from Utah definitely are. I so hope you reflect I your actions this season #Love,” one person wrote to her, while another added, “the things you say when you are mad are just as a bad. Quit rationalizing.”

It sounds like Maloney doesn’t exactly have the support she had hoped for. While Katie, Stassi, and Kristen can justify their actions, viewers believe that they are just mean girls and should leave Kent alone. And it sounds like people want Katie to question why she’s fighting back when she should just ignore Kent.

“As a woman you shouldn’t be name calling other women, shame on you. Who cares what Lala does? What is it to you?” one person questioned Maloney, asking her to think about her actions, to which Katie replied, “right so I should just lay down and take it? My mom taught me to stand up for myself. I prefer that method.”

What do you think of Katie Maloney’s decision to slam Lala Kent for bringing up Scheana’s family on Vanderpump Rules?

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]