‘Enlisted’ Game Release Date Aims For ‘Call Of Duty’ Fan Base With Massively Multiplayer World War II Campaigns

The Enlisted game release date is set to take on Call of Duty with its promise to turn World War II into a massively multiplayer battlefield. The campaign site claims that Gaijin Entertainment is making this ambitious first-person shooter the way its backers want, not the way they think gamers want it.

If successful, the title will end up being a possible turning point in gaming history by showing the big names like Ubisoft and Activision that listening to the gamers actually pays off. After all, the gamers are where the money is coming from.

Often enough, big name developers will simply do what they want because they allegedly feel the consumer will buy it anyway. If they release a bad game, and you paid for a digital copy, there is nothing you can do about it. They have your money, and few will refund it like Warner Bros. Games did with Batman: Arkham Knight. Gaijin’s statement that they’re making this game the way the gamers want it makes them possibly the most user-friendly developer in years.

One of the biggest draws to this title is the promise of battles supporting up to 100 players at once, according to PC Gamer. This is going to require some very competent server support, as many previous games launching with that idea often found themselves limited in how stable the service was. Grand Theft Auto V‘s online side proved to be a hurdle even for Rockstar Games when thousands of eager gamers tried to get online, and the servers just wouldn’t support them.

A potential drawback is the lack of an original backstory, something Call of Duty often uses despite their early tendencies to set their shooters in World War II. With so many players involved, the story might not even matter. When you’re leading the target with your scope, reasons are often irrelevant.

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There is also the fact that such a game will probably not have a robust single player mode. Most shooters often show that there is a focus on one or the other, which was the very reason why Titanfall was released without a single player campaign. Electronic Arts felt that after finishing the single player mode, nobody ever went back into it.

The Enlisted game, which has seen moderate success on its crowdfunding page, aims to recreate the feeling of actual squad-based warfare against real human opponents. This is something only teased in multiplayer shooters these days, but Gaijin Entertainment claims nobody does it. They want to create a scenario where gamers aren’t firing at AI drones. Every soldier in the game is a human individual.

Enlisted is also featuring destructible environments, possibly akin to what Battlefield 4 did. This potentially means that any buildings you encounter could easily be destroyed and brought down on top of opponents attempting to “camp” and snipe at your team.

This brings into question the existence of vehicles such as tanks. It’s often a bad sign when you bring vehicles into a game with refined on-foot combat. Driving controls always seem to be lacking, but that might not matter when you’re piloting a tank across a battlefield. The developers have stated that they have no plans to include player-controlled vehicles, but if there is a demand for them, they aspire to give vehicles the same attention to detail which they gave War Thunder.

'Enlisted' might add player controlled vehicles if there is enough demand.
'Enlisted' might add player controlled vehicles if there is enough demand. [Featured Image by Digital Storm / Shutterstock.com]

An actual Enlisted release date hasn’t been announced yet as the funding is just getting under way, and the game has barely been announced. As of this writing, the campaign has gained less than $14,000 of their $250k goal. Stretch goals include porting the game to consoles and adding more content. For now, there are only two campaigns available, “Invasion of Normandy” and “Battle of Moscow.” Next in line is the “Tunisia” campaign, followed by whatever the gamers want. At the million dollar stretch goal, they plan to port the title to video game consoles.

It appears there will be weapons you can buy separately from the game itself, which may turn some gamers off. Gaijin states that there will be no season pass, and each scenario will be an individual game under the banner of Enlisted.

If this ambitious project sounds good to you, visit the Enlisted crowdfunding page.

[Featured Image by Maxim Apryatin / Shutterstock.com]