Amy Duggar King Talks ‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Clarifies Domestic Abuse Allegations

Amy Duggar King is the well-known niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Amy married her husband, Dillon King, in September 2015 and now the couple has decided to appear on the reality series Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars season 7. The new season of the show has not even started airing yet, but Amy is already making headlines with a clip shown to advertise the show. Amy is stepping up now to clarify to the public what it all means.

In the preview, Amy is heard recapping a scary incident she faced. Amy says she was picked up by the throat to the ceiling. Rumors immediately ignited that Dillon had been physically abusive to Amy. After all, they are on Marriage Boot Camp for a reason, right? Duggar is now addressing concerned fans after the television teaser indicated abuse. So who was it that treated Duggar so violently?

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Amy took to Twitter after the rumors started and said, “The story I was describing in the Marriage Bootcamp teaser does not involve Dillon in any way. #Ilovemyhusband.” People also spoke to Amy regarding the story, and she clarified that the story is about Dillon, but it was a challenge on the show that they were both involved in. So it looks like the clip shown on television was simply editing to entice viewers to watch Amy and Dillon’s relationship work on Marriage Boot Camp. Duggar also added, “Dillon’s character is upright and he’s a good man who loves me well.”

Amy went on to say that she and Dillon have a solid marriage. Duggar shared that she and King both realize that no relationship is perfect and there is always rooms for improvements. When asked why she and Dillon agreed to go on the show, Amy told People,“For us, it was nothing more than we need to learn to communicate. Dillon has a tone that drives me up the wall sometimes and when we bicker, we have to learn how to talk to each other. We were friends for so long before we got married, so we always joked and said things to each other because we were just friends. Now that we are married, it’s a whole new level of respect that we had to learn.”

Amy and Dillon went on the show knowing it could be rough, but also knowing that it could be a great thing for their somewhat new marriage. Amy described the experience to fans saying, “They put you in this house and while you are working on your relationship, there’s going to be flair ups. There were a couple of times that were really intense and there were tears. I experienced every emotion I could while I was there.”

Now that the show is over and set to premiere in January does Amy and Dillon have any regrets going on the show? Both Duggar and King say they have no regrets. Amy says they are both glad they went to Marriage Boot Camp. Amy says, “I have never been more grateful for going on the show. Dillon and I are on cloud nine. We are really happy we learned how to communicate in a healthy way and we’re completely in love with each other. We are in a very good place.”

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Aside from the abuse rumors circling, Amy has also made headlines recently when she was noticed absent from Jinger Duggar’s wedding. Us Weekly spoke with Amy, who has always been somewhat of a rebel, and she says there is no bad blood between herself and her family. Amy says she was invited, but just had prior obligations. Duggar said the timing was just bad and she loves her family a lot.

Fans can see exactly how things play out for Amy and Dillon King when Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars returns January 6 on WE. What do you think of the rumors about Amy Duggar? Stay tuned for more news on Amy, Dillon and the rest of the Duggar family.

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