‘Vikings’ Season 5 Possibly Set For Q3 2017 Air Date As Series Continues To Gather Steam

'Vikings' Season 5 might start airing on the third or fourth quarter of 2017.

Vikings Season 4 has so far been a massive success for History, with the critically acclaimed historical drama garnering its highest ratings yet. As the series continues to acquire great acclaim among critics and viewers alike, fans of the franchise are speculating about when the official air date for Season 5 would be announced. Vikings Season 5 has already been confirmed for months, and its progress has been referenced in a number of leaks and posts from members of its staff. What remains unknown, however, is the date when the upcoming season would actually start airing.

History has not announced the official air date for Vikings Season 5, but it has already managed to gain a lot of interest among the series’ supporters. One of the most notable of which is the addition of a very popular actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, in an undisclosed role. The actor has acted in historical dramas before, headlining the equally popular series The Tudors as Henry VIII. Cinema Blend notes that while the actual role that Rhys Meyers would be taking on in Vikings Season 5 remains uncertain, the experience and caliber of the actor suggest that he would be playing a very important character.

Currently, almost nothing is known about the development or progress of Vikings Season 5, with History only confirming that the series would be renewed for a fifth season. Apart from the certainty that the critically acclaimed historical drama would be coming back to television, however, very little could be determined. However, leaks and other reports have emerged over the past few months suggesting that Vikings Season 5 has already commenced filming. With this, it would not be surprising if Season 5 is already in post-production as of date.

'Vikings' Season 4's mid-season finale has received acclaim from fans of the epic historical drama.

The release date for Vikings Season 5 would most likely be a bit different compared to the previous seasons. Since the series debuted in March 2013, the historical drama has usually followed up with another season around February of the next year. However, these schedules would most likely end up being reshuffled due to Season 4 being split into two 10-episode installments. Season 4 Part 2 has just begun airing November 30, and considering that it would run for 10 episodes, its final episode would be aired in February 2017.

Vikings usually spaces out its seasons with breaks that last about 10 months. For example, Season 3 ended on April 23, 2015, and Vikings Season 4 started airing February 18, 2016. Considering that Season 4 has two parts, however, the break between the two installments was significantly shorter at just around seven months. With this in mind, Vikings Season 5 might see a return to TV sometime around September 2017.

This is, of course, if the series follows the release order of Season 4’s two installments. Otherwise, if the historical drama opts to place another 10-month break after the end of Season 4, there is a good chance that Vikings Season 5 would start airing December 2017 instead. It should be noted, however, that these would remain strictly as speculations for now. Thus, it would be wise to take these with a grain of salt, at least until History announces an official release date for Vikings Season 5.

'Vikings' Season 4's 20 episode has been split into two 10-episode installments.

After all, History is a pretty unique channel, and it might end up surprising everyone by announcing that Vikings Season 5 would start airing March 2017 instead. While this would be unorthodox, History is the type of channel that might do something like that, especially considering how popular the historical drama has become. Regardless of when Vikings Season 5 would start airing, however, one thing remains sure. The next season would most likely be its most epic yet.

While very little is known about Vikings Season 5 at this point, the leaks and announcements about the series’ next season are very encouraging. The addition of Jonathan Rhys Meyers alone is notable, considering that the actor is practically a veteran in the historical drama genre. With the most recent events in the series in mind, it appears that Ragnar’s inevitable end would come soon. After all, the fact that he survived his wounds from the battle of Paris seems to suggest that the series would follow the historically traditional set of events that allegedly led to the death of the legendary Viking.

Traditionally, the legendary Viking chief Ragnar is widely known to have met his end after he was captured by King Aelle of England and thrown into a pit of snakes. Thus, it is possible that Jonathan Rhys Meyers might take the role of the English king who was actually able to capture and kill the legendary Viking scourge. If any, the actor has the experience to pull off such a role. Overall, Vikings have gotten progressively better with each season, with its audience and critics ratings consistently rising with each episode. With Season 5 on the way, and with the addition of notable actors in possibly series-defining roles, Vikings seems to be well on its way towards yet another satisfying run.

[Featured Image by History/Jonathan Hession]