‘Little People Big World’ Spoilers: Matt Roloff Starts Online Petition To Save Deported Employee

This season of TLC’s hit show Little People Big World is proving to be more drama-filled than ever before, but the latest Little People Big World spoilers suggest that there’s a much more human side to the Roloff family than previously thought. In fact, Matt Roloff is willing to, literally and figuratively, step up to the plate when it comes to defending a beloved employee!

Warning: this article contains spoilers. Please do not continue if you do not wish to read Little People Big World spoilers.

According to Care2‘s website, the latest Little People Big World spoilers suggest that Matt Roloff, who was previously shown on camera to be devastated about the deportation of his beloved employee and fan favorite, Camerino, has started a petition that he hopes, will convince the federal authorities to reconsider the case of Camerino (whose full given name is Camerino Gonzalez-Sanchez). Camerino has been employed by the Roloff family for two decades, and his loss is particularly devastating to Matt, by his own admission.

Matt told the website that the petition, which has already gathered 10,000 signatures, is just the first step in a long battle to save Camerino.

“Camerino is a beloved father and has been a Roloff family employee for nearly two decades. We can all personally attest to his admirable character. It’s devastating that he is being totally removed from his daughters and the life he’s built here in the U.S. when he has given us so much. I hope my Care2 petition can convince federal immigration authorities to revisit his case and reunite him with those who love and care for him.”

Meanwhile, the latest Little People Big World spoilers from The International Business Times suggests that Matt is also going to have to answer to the allegations that he installed hidden cameras in his ex-wife, Amy Roloff’s home. This shocking allegation was made during last week’s episode, and it only proved that Matt and Amy are finding it extremely difficult to work together in the wake of their divorce.

And while Matt tried to assure Amy that the only reason the cameras were installed on her property was because he wanted to keep track of the trucks that were going in and out to handle farm business, Amy wasn’t exactly sold on the idea. She, in fact, spent much of the last episode questioning Matt’s logic.

Finally, according to the latest Little People Big World spoilers from People Magazine, in the next episode, we’re going to see Tori Roloff having a different kind of talk with her father-in-law Matt. Namely, it’s the kind of talk that involves how many children she wants to have!

In the sneak peek of the episode, Matt and Tori meet for lunch to celebrate her and Zach’s one year anniversary and the subject of children came up. When Matt asked how many children the couple was looking to have, Tori mentioned that they were looking to split the difference between what he wanted (which was four children) and what she wanted (which was two children), and have three children.

Zach and Tori are currently in the process of expecting their first child, who is due in May 2017. The couple has said that they can’t wait to be parents.

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