Lala Kent Quits ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Mid-Season, Will She Want Her Job Back?

Lala Kent is the odd woman out on Vanderpump Rules. She doesn’t get along with many of the girls who work at SUR, and her only true friend seemed to be James Kennedy. Season 5 is currently airing, and Kent is having a hard time deflecting rumors of a married boyfriend and being a sugar baby. There are a lot of questions, and this is presumably one of the many reasons why she chose to take the path she did.

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It seems the conflict between Lala Kent and Katie Maloney is the root of the problem for the girls at SUR. Rumors have been circulating about a married boyfriend, and all of the other girls have been gossiping about it. Kent has been incredibly secretive about who she was dating, so much so that even James Kennedy wasn’t privy to the information. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Lala Kent quits Vanderpump Rules mid-season. This should be happening soon as the drama has peaked, presumably in an episode or two.

The rumors surrounding Lala Kent and dating a married man have really stirred up something in Scheana Shay. It is ironic because the girls are much more alike than either would like to admit. In fact, there was a lot of commotion over the relationship Shay had with Eddie Cibrian when he was still married to Brandi Glanville. Kent insists the man she was seeing at the time was not married, he just preferred his privacy. These two girls are still not speaking because Kent is one of the only Vanderpump Rules stars to not comment on Shay’s recent divorce announcement.

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Fans have been wondering about Lala Kent and her boyfriend since he was mentioned as being married. There were several stories told on the show while she was on, including one that she was back with her ex-boyfriend. Kent did talk to Tom and Ariana during a lunch and alluded to the fact the mystery man was a football player in Florida. The trio talked about flying down there for a game, but when she wouldn’t reveal his name, Tom became suspicious. Kent was driving a vehicle provided by her mystery man, and also joked about getting gifts because she was good at giving sexual favors.

Because Vanderpump Rules is taped so far in advance, Lala Kent has been away from the people from the show for several months. While many would have expected her to come crawling back and ask Lisa Vanderpump to rehire her, that likely isn’t going to be the case. While SUR was an important part of getting her career off the ground, Kent recently got a small break. She was given a part in a movie that is going to be released shortly. Southern Fury is her first job since leaving SUR that she has booked. It is a very small role, but her foot is now in the door. The chances of Lala Kent asking for her job back are slowly dwindling away. She won’t be the female version of James Kennedy.

There is no love lost between Lala Kent and the others at SUR. She was definitely singled out, though calling it bullying would be a little overboard. The fact that she was secretive certainly added to her issues but if her boyfriend wanted privacy, she was going to respect it. Kent could have been dating a married man, but nothing was ever confirmed. She has been laying low since leaving SUR, even keeping that decision on the down low. Fans aren’t too upset with the exit and when the Vanderpump Rules episode airs, there may be some cheering. Lala Kent decided to leave her hostess job behind and ditch Vanderpump Rules to try to get her acting career going.

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