‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Nicole’s Shocking Revelation About Her Future

Days of Our Lives spoilers stated that Nicole is ready to move on from her ex-fiance, Daniel. As we know, Daniel and Nicole never truly got to say goodbye due to Daniel’s sudden death, which meant that Nicole never got any closure from the relationship and has been in turmoil over it ever since his untimely death. As fans of the soap know, Daniel died in a horrific car accident and left Nicole absolutely heartbroken.

Although Nicole had time to say goodbye, it wasn’t real closure. That said, Nicole has gotten the next best thing this week on Days of Our Lives. While she never got the chance to have one final conversation with Daniel, when she falls fast asleep, she’ll be able to close the chapter of her life with Daniel. We’ve learned that when Nicole dozes off, she has visions of Daniel.

Days of Our Lives spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that through this reunion, she’ll finally come to the realization that this isn’t the way Daniel would have wanted her to live her life. Even though she had the perfect life and everything was planned out, she knows she must move on, and her vision will give her the courage to do just that. This is said to be an important step in her road to recovery from such a horrific tragedy. For fans of Daniel and Nicole, this is a heartbreaking scene as it reunited both characters and actors together one last time. So who is in Nicole’s future? As most fans know, Nicole will probably turn to Deimos after she realizes that she has to move on with her life.


Earlier Days of Our Lives spoilers stated that this week Nicole would remove her engagement ring and focus on Deimos. It seems like Nicole has Daniel’s heartfelt words in mind when she decided that she’s ready to move on once and for all.

In the vision, he tells Nicole that just because she’s thinking about moving on, doesn’t mean that she loved him any less.

“I know you will always love me. But I can’t be there anymore — not when you’re stressed out, or you need a shoulder, or another opinion, or just someone to hold you in his arms. All I want is for you to be happy. And you can’t do that if you don’t let go and just live.”


That said, as we know from Days of Our Lives spoilers, Deimos has his plate full at the moment. Deimos has become invested in finding out whether or not Chloe is actually carrying Daniel and Nicole’s baby. The question of whether or not Chloe is carrying Nicole’s baby has been around since October. At first, Deimos thought that he was the father of Chloe’s baby, but tests revealed that he wasn’t, and he felt used. He became fixated on finding out the truth, which he believed went deeper than Chloe being involved with yet another man.

When the question started swirling around months ago, a theory was thrown out there that Chloe was drugged and had been implanted with an embryo. It’s said that it’s actually Nicole’s frozen embryo. As it turns out, this theory was half right.

Back when Daniel was alive, Chloe did offer to be Nicole’s surrogate when Nicole confided in her about wanting to be a mother. Chloe went through with the tests, and after experiencing heartbreak when her tests came back negative, it was later revealed that there was a mix-up with her tests at the fertility clinic, and it had worked, making her baby Daniel and Nicole’s child.

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