‘Bold And Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy’s Acceptance Sends Shockwaves As Forresters Fight And Liam Confronts Eric [Updated]

What’s coming up next on Bold and Beautiful? Spoilers tease that there will continue to be quite a bit of outrage and pushback regarding the new Forrester Creations power structure and this will lead to some intense conversations. Steffy accepted the offer to become CEO of Forrester, and Eric surprised Quinn by asking her to take on the role of president. Rick and Ridge are furious over being put in the position of being co-vice presidents and they are unhappy to see Wyatt in an executive position as well. Where are things headed next?

Liam pushed hard for Steffy to turn down this offer, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that his push will continue as he vents to Bill. He has begged his love not to underestimate Quinn or forget who she is or what she’s done and he is concerned that the situation could become legitimately dangerous. He will certainly not be happy to learn that Steffy accepted the position, and he will head over to confront Eric about this all during Thursday’s show.

Neither Rick or Ridge are happy about these developments, and they both tried to make their case for snagging the CEO position for themselves. Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that as both men consider what comes next, Rick and Wyatt will end up having an intense conversation. Wyatt will push Rick to acknowledge that Eric is quite happy with Quinn, but Rick will rant about how things were better before any of them laid their eyes on either of the Fullers.

'Bold and Beautiful' star John McCook

Eric wants the family to come together on all of this, but it doesn’t sound as if that is going to happen for some time yet, if at all. Despite all of the drama, it seems that he is fairly content about the new power structure and he’ll talk with his wife about how dramatic his sons can be. He has maneuvered a bit to help Wyatt when it comes to possibly trying to save his marriage, and it sounds as if he’ll continue to take his side as a new battle brews. As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Eric will use some skills that are a bit reminiscent of Quinn’s by manipulating someone.

Nicole is said to score a new role at Forrester Creations as all of this change comes about, and Soap Central indicates that she will throw herself into this new opportunity in hopes that it will help her keep her mind off of Zende. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that things will get intense between Maya and Quinn, and fans will be curious to see where things head as rivals perhaps need to band together to turn things around at the company.

'Bold and Beautiful' star Heather Tom

Quinn has been intensely jealous of Katie’s friendship with Eric, and it seems likely that there is much more to come on this front in the episodes ahead. Quinn has been quite insistent that she has changed and is a different person now, but that bad side is beginning to emerge again as Katie spends time with Eric and there may be trouble ahead.

Brooke is now with Ridge, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers have hinted that Bill will still be fighting to woo Brooke back. Katie is said to be dragged into the situation somehow, but she will resist getting involved. Bill may keep fighting, but Brooke and Ridge will get engaged quite soon. However, Ridge will be quite distracted by the Forrester Creations drama, and that may leave the door open for Brooke to be swayed by Bill’s attempts at reconciliation.

Is it possible that the work union between Steffy and Quinn could work out to be a good thing? Will Ridge and Rick find a way to work together to shake things up at Forrester Creations? Does Liam have reason to worry about this new job opportunity and how closely his love will be working with Wyatt? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that things will get quite chaotic and intense, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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