Michael Vick Could Soon Be Riding The Bench For Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick may not be the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback much longer.

The team’s $100 million man has struggled with turnovers and inconsistency this season, and, after Sunday’s disappointing loss to the Atlanta Falcons, Eagles head coach Andy Reid suggested that Michael Vick could be out of a starting job.

After the game, Reid noted that every player on the team would be evaluated, ESPN noted. Michael Vick saw this statement as pointed to him in particular.

“Obviously, he’s thinking about making a change at the quarterback position,” Vick said. “The thing I do know, and I’ll go watch the film and I’ll evaluate myself, is that I’m giving us every opportunity to win.”

In Sunday’s game, Vick completed 21 of 35 passes for 191 yards and a touchdown and made few mistakes, having no turnovers. But for the Eagles, the modest performance wasn’t enough as the team dropped to 3-4.

After the game, Michael Vick said he’s doing the best he can for the team but added that he’ll honor whatever Andy Reid decides, USA Today reported.

“Whatever decision Coach makes, I support it,” Vick said. “The thing I know is, I’m giving it everything I’ve got out there when I step on the field. Deep down, as long as I know I’m doing that, giving it everything, that’s all I can ask out of myself.”

Expectations are higher on Michael Vick due to his paycheck. Before last season, the team signed him to a six-year deal worth $100 million.

If the Philadelphia Eagles do bench Michael Vick, they would be turning their hopes this season over to untested rookie Nick Foles.