Pony Up Daddy: Bizarre New Toy Saddle Makes Giving Pony Back Rides Much Easier [Video]

How many of you have given your child a pony ride on your back? Sometimes it can be tough, especially when the kids can’t hold on and end up falling on to the floor. However, with this new, somewhat bizarre new toy, pony rides just got a whole lot easier.

The “Pony up Daddy” is an actual saddle that parents can strap to their body to allow their children to ride on their backs. Sounds crazy right? Well, according to several reviews on Amazon.com, one of the places the toy is sold, it’s actually very handy, and can provide a fun time for both the parents and the children.

“My kids love riding daddy horse! So fun!” one customer wrote, while another added, “Seriously awesome. All of my kids love this thing!”

“This little beauty is the best!! Prior to this little invention my kids were forced to ride bareback which to be a little treacherous during competitions, but with Daddy Saddle we’ve placed two golds and a silver in 5 events. Just curious, have you all considered adding some knee pads as an accessory with this item? Because my knees are burnt to hell right now. Looks like someone took a cheese grater to them. We are currently taking a break from the Daddy Saddle as I prepare for back surgery. My son’s 138 lbs finally took a toll on the old back, but prior to that this item provided hours of family fun. As a side note DO NOT try to put this on the family dog. We have a Rottweiler and boy was he disagreeable when we tried to take a ride on him!!”

The Pony up Daddy is made of durable material that allows your child to ride on your back without having to hold on to the back of your shirt and stretching it out. It is also the winner of The National Parenting Center’s “Seal of Approval” and has become a big hit among young children.

“We wanted to build something to make that playtime experience even better & more fun – with that, the Pony Up Daddy Saddle was born!” the Pony up Daddy website reads. “Easy-to-use & constructed with the highest-quality materials, Pony Up Daddy is the fun new way for daddies, mommies, grandparents & more to give pony rides like never before! So go on and take a break from video games & expensive toys – it’s time to play with your kids again!”

The Pony up Daddy measures 16 x 10 x 3.5 inches, weighs 1.4 pounds and is recommended for children ages 24 months and up. The toy comes in four different colors – black, red, blue and pink – and are sold on the official website for $24.99 ($29.94 on Amazon.com). It only comes in one size, but with the adjustable Velcro, it can fit up to a 50 inch chest.

“Saddle Up & Transform Your World! Kids can use their imagination to go on a wild safari or adventure through the jungle – the sky’s the limit with Pony Up Daddy!

“No More Ripped Collars or Broken Jewelry! Pony Up Daddy is tough enough to handle the roughest cowboys & gals, giving your shirts & jewelry a break!”

What do you think about the Pony up Daddy? Would you buy it for your kids? Leave your comments below.

[Featured Image by courtyardpix/Shutterstock.com]