Hurricane Sandy: Number Of Flight Cancellations Mounting In Anticipation Of Superstorm

Hurricane Sandy is preparing to bear down on the East Coast, bringing a storm of unprecedented proportions that is causing a growing number of flight cancellations.

As Hurricane Sandy moved closer to the coast, a number of airlines hastily canceled flights throughout Sunday, The Associated Press reported. When it makes landfall, the storm system dubbed “Frankenstorm” is expected to ground air travel to a near halt for at least two days.

On Sunday night, major air carriers such as American Airlines, JetBlue, and Delta planned to cancel all flights to and from the three airports in New York. The delays and cancellations have sent shockwaves throughout the rest of the country, affecting travelers all the way to the West Coast.

The Hurricane Sandy flight cancellations are already mounting, The Associated Press noted. The flight-tracing service FlightAware reported more than 7,200 flights were canceled for Sunday and Monday as of late on Sunday. Two United Airlines hubs — Philadelphia International Airport and Newary International Airport — had more than 1,200 canceled flights each.

Hurricane Sandy has already have a devastating impact even before reaching the United States. It has been blamed for 65 deaths in the Caribbean, and as it makes landfall along the eastern seaboard it is expect to cut a path through the mid-Atlantic states, meeting up with a winter storm moving in from the west and cold air coming down from the arctic. The combination will turn Hurricane Sandy into a superstorm expected to cause immense damage over an 800-mile path.

Aside from the flight cancellations, Hurricane Sandy has had an impact in the New York region in other ways, Newsday noted. Already residents near Long Island noted light flooding in streets, with conditions expected to intensify as the week goes on.