‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Has Tom Baker Right Where He Wants Him-Will This Be The End For Him And Elizabeth?

Franco Baldwin is on a mission to protect the woman that he loves on ABC’s General Hospital, even if it means using a cage to do it. Tom Baker raped Elizabeth Webber when she was just a teenager and now that he is back in Port Charles, she is feeling very uneasy, and that has her guy uneasy as well. However, when Franco starts feeling that way, he ends up going to extremes and he has certainly done just that.

According to the spoilers by Soaps She Knows, Franco is expected to be playing a cat and mouse game with Tom all week long. As viewers had seen on Monday’s episode of General Hospital, the rapist was lured to Franco’s loft in a plan that he and Kiki Jerome had thought up. She had been confronted by Tom earlier about her being photographed by him. Fortunately, Dillon had set her straight on who he is and what he had done to Elizabeth and to his cousin Emily. She then ended up working with her would-be daddy to bring Tom Baker to him just so they could have a chat.

However, Kiki had no idea that Franco had a cage prepared for his guest. Yes, he now has Tom Baker caged up and is toying with him big time. This is his way of trying to make sure that Liz is protected from him. What would Elizabeth say if she knew exactly what Franco was doing? She may very well find out because she came knocking on his door just as he was threatening Tom.

Many General Hospital fans are rooting for this couple and may applaud what Franco is doing to protect his woman, but there are some people who may feel that this is way too much, even for Franco. But then again, Baker has been confronting many females in Port Charles, including Kiki and Nelle. He even tried to pick up Alexis when she was drunk, and there is still the question as to how she ended up in the seedy hotel room right after Tom supposedly walked away after she mentioned Franco’s name.

Some would say that Tom Baker deserves what he gets, but then others are not too keen on this story line at all. Franco feels that he is justified in treating the rapist like the animal that he feels he is, but Liz doesn’t want her man to end up in jail because of it. If she finds out that Franco has gone a little crazy with his protection of her, this could very well be the end of this unexpected love story. Could this whole thing send Elizabeth into the arms of Griffin Munro?

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Liz and the handsome doctor have become friends, and yesterday they had a chat about Franco. Griffin gave her something to think about as he said that maybe this is more about Franco than about saving her. There may be a love triangle soon with these three as hinted in a General Hospital promo.

Elizabeth may just be taking control of the situation. According to Soap Central, she will be paying a visit to Franco’s mom, Heather Webber, soon. What is that all about? Is she seeking advice from her?

However this all plays out, this may affect the relationship between this couple, at least for a little while. Many are hoping for more of Friz, but many General Hospital fans think that this couple is just way too weird to actually work in the long run, especially now that Franco has Tom Baker locked in a cage and spraying water on him like he is training a puppy.

What are your thoughts on this whole scenario? Should Franco go to jail for this or is he justified in keeping Tom in a cage?

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